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Precision Air Conditioning

We trade in HVAC Design & Consultancy, HVAC Sales & Supply, HVAC Installation & implementation. We take charge of HVAC projects, Energy Audit, data centre & server room cooling, ventilation etc.

Precision Air conditioning is a precise form of air conditioning specifically meant to control temperature and humidity of costly and sophistically sensitive electrical equipments for a longer time. Precision AC’s performs the above function by providing constant temperature to the last degree and humidity conditions throughout the year. In data centers and server room operations, their continuous operation reliably ensures the high availability of computer systems.

Precision Air Conditioner has widespread applications in Data Center and Server Room Cooling to make them work efficiently and effectively and we help our client with complete execution up to their satisfaction.

Research Labs

Ventilation and air conditioning in laboratories have to meet specific, extremely stringent safety requirements since their purpose is to protect the people working in these labs.

Control of temperature, humidity and air quality within these applications is critical to ensure machinery remains in optimum working condition and research and development does not become compromised.

Server Rooms

Server rooms house sensitive hardware that can be damaged easily if exposed to extreme temperatures. Servers must be fed a constant stream of cool air since they generate a substantial amount of heat which can damage their internal components.

Your room will need to be designed to remove this heat before it builds up and creates hazardous conditions for your equipment. If you fail to take adequate precautions, you could expose your business to many risks, including equipment failure and even fire.

Data Centers

Data center cooling refers to the collective equipment, tools, techniques and processes that ensure an ideal operating temperature within a data center facility.

Proper data center cooling ensures that the data center is supplied with enough cooling and ventilation necessary to keep all devices and equipment within the desired temperature range.

Control Rooms

The Control Room System consists of two redundant subsystems that provide cooling using recirculated control room air.

Each subsystem consists of cooling coils, fans, chillers, compressors, ductwork, dampers, instrumentation and controls to provide for control room temperature control.

MGCS – one of the top central air conditioning companies India offers complete precision air conditioning solutions starting from Designing, Supplying, Installing, Testing & Commissioning. We are tied up with leading OEM’s in the industry to help you choose best machines as per your requirements. MG Cooling Soutions deal in precision and central Air Conditioning services all across India for below mentioned applications, and more –

Precision Air Conditioning has widespread applications in environment where high level and volume of heat needs to be dissipated. Hence, precision air conditioning is required for Data Center, Server room, IT Cooling Solutions, Research Labs, Control Rooms, Luxury Hotels, Call Centers etc.

MGCS deals in complete operations and turnkey projects of Precision and Central Air Conditioning in India. We as top precision and Central AC Contractors in India help our clients in Designing, Consultancy, Supplying, Installing, Testing & Commissioning till final execution to give complete services and solutions.

We also hold rich experience in the same domain as we have successfully executed turkey projects for various clients. We also offer customized services in case if you are not looking for complete turnkey solution.