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Air Cooling Services

We trade in HVAC Design & Consultancy, HVAC Sales & Supply, HVAC Installation & implementation. We take charge of HVAC projects, Energy Audit, data centre & server room cooling, ventilation etc.

Air Cooling works on the Evaporative Cooling principal and aids in industrial ventilation through air washers. Air washer is an efficient, effective and economical way for ventilation of warehouses, factories, and basement etc. and it supply desired human comfort cooling temperature.

Air washer dispense a steady stream of fresh air into the required area, unlike central air conditioning which re-circulate the same air. This way air washer are economical than centralized air conditioning system and consumes less power and energy as it is done through the process of natural evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling utilises around 60% less electricity than comparably sized refrigerant-based air-conditioning systems. When the evaporative cooler is in use there is absolutely no need to close doors and windows. The cooler works with cross ventilation exchanging indoor air with natural outside air. Occupants enjoy a healthier replacement to conventional air-conditioning systems.

MG Cooling Solutions which is well known as HVAC services provider and consultant is now standing as one of the acclaimed name for industrial air cooling solutions. We deal with the leading air washer manufacturers in India and providing complete support to our customers in terms of:

Calculating exact heat load of the facility to be ventilated.

Assuring our client cost effective solutions.

We have implemented similar projects with much excellence and precise technicalities.

We have a committed after-sales team that takes care of periodic site inspections to ensure air washers are running efficiently and smoothly.

Guiding and Helping our client in selecting the right tonnage capacity machine.

Taking care of entire turnkey project which includes Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning.

We stand out in terms of our experts HVAC engineers and professionals HVAC designers who ensures to complete the project with their competence & knowledge.