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Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - December 28, 2019

Every year 201.9 million metric tonne of crude oil is used. Indian cities have pollution rates of more than 120µg/m3.  Among the municipal solid wastes disposed to the landfills, 60% comes from commercial building wastes, 11.5% from building constructions, and rest from residences.

   To recover Earth from this, we need to make is to construct green buildings instead of conventional building.  Let’s see what is that? How to do that?

Green building is a building that is friendly to environment in every aspect. It’s construction, maintenance, usage and renovation is ecofriendly.  But we can’t build a building that has zero facilities and infrastructure. There must be infrastructure but it must be eco-friendly. 

               The energy and resource consumption of a house consists of water, electricity, fuels.

             All of these must be utilized perfectly without that much wastages.

1. Passive Usage of Solar

More than quarter of the electrical energy is used for the illumination of the building. The illumination can also be done via trapping of sun light within the building. This can be done via construction modification.

Many ancient buildings in Tamil Nadu have been built in this manner such as Brihadeeswara temple, this temple’s top has a small pores such that the light falling on it are absorbed inside and are totally reflected internally and the sanctum sanctorum is illuminated with that.

        In this way, the skyscrapers can be illuminated. For trapping the sunlight, the green buildings in India must be elongated in Southern direction such that it gets sun light during all day. There must be refractors on the top of the house that gets the sun light in and there must be reflectors in the inside of the houses such that reflects the light inside. For western countries, the building should be elongated in east – west direction.

                  And the half of the electrical energy consumed is used for the temperature of the building. The same can be done with the sun light, as sun light is responsible for the world’s temperature. When the building is inclined in the above manner, the building is heated from 0900 hours to 1500 hours. This will be cooled down from 1500 hours to 0858 hours during summer time.

                      The things that need most heating and lighting must be placed in eastern face in India, southern face in western countries.

2. Electricity Production

               Electricity is the energy consumed at a higher energy at a higher rate. Peak load time must be unhindered by the bills, so the electricity can be produced by the building itself.

              The water fountain’s flow is made use of for the production of electricity, if a turbine with an electric motor is placed there. And for southern hemisphere, the solar panels must be focused on true south.  And for northern hemisphere, the solar panels must be focused on true west.

There may be some wind mills placed at the roof top of the building.

3. Green Gym

                 A gym which has the equipment designed in a way that produces electricity. The equipment such as tread mill, cycles can be connected into turbined motor for production of electricity, thereby reducing human fat and weight etc. . . .

4. Rain Water Harvesting

                   We all know about this as we studied a billion times in our schools. It is a must for the recreation of rain water and improving water table. Boring the earth for water is a futile thing which spoils the earth, hinders the water table and the water is exploited for our own usage. This disrupts and destroys the plant life.

                          Here, the water stagnated on the terrace or rooftop is collected and recharged into a well. In this way, the water table is protected and our use is served and ensured.

6. Oxygen Reserve:-

The surroundings of the building must be donated to nature. There must be gardens and trees grown in the surrounding at least at the backyard (for houses).  As doing this has a greater oxygen reserving potential as there is not even least pure air is available.

                            There must be a garden which provides oxygen and a good relaxing view for the people inside.

         There must be vermicomposting with leaf and twig grinder for composting purposes. These trees take care of the water table and hold the soil tightly, thereby zero risk of erosion.

   These are not the total for the green building ideas, there are many more. Use them wisely, the nature is the best teacher. She is the best boss and controller.

    So let’s be a servant to her and try not to dominate her as she is the one who made us.

MG Cooling Solution, which is an HVAC Company in India is spreading awareness on Green Building Infrastructure through its foundation Greenovator

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