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Where should we use Centralized Air Conditioning?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - July 21, 2020

HVAC Consultant
Centralized Air Conditioning

Centralized Air Conditioning is mostly used in Hospitals, Malls, Manufacturing Plants, Factories, and similar buildings. It is a system in which the temperature of the air is regulated at a prime location and then circulated through supply and return ducts. Centralized Air Conditioning is a fundamental need for buildings where the temperature is to be regulated for multiple rooms or rooms with the huge carpet area, especially in Manufacturing Plants and Factories.

Centralized Air Conditioning systems are classified into:

  1. Split System and Packaged Unit System
  2. All Air System, All Water System, and Air Water System

Machines and heavy equipment used in production units often heat up and release toxic gases. Also, talking about the chemical industry, the chemical processes that take place inside such plants release harmful fumes or sometimes cause a chemical blast. In such conditions, it is of utmost importance to disgorge such harmful air molecules from the building and infuse some fresh and clean air. 

Proper air circulation is fundamental to the health of workers and the prevention of unnecessary catastrophes in the plant or factory. 

Centralized Air Conditioning also helps to reduce the costs or expenses because of less consumption of energy. Higher the rating of a Centralized Air Conditioner, higher the capacity to save on energy expenses. The quality of a Centralized Air Conditioner depends on its SEER Ratings. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) Ratings indicate the relative energy required to deliver a specific cooling output. It is pertinent in a manufacturing plant or factory to save on energy used by its Centralized Air Conditioning System because there are other additional expenses like repair and maintenance of machinery, purchase of expensive fuels and chemicals in bulk, etc.

Technological advances in the HVAC industry have rapidly influenced the efficiency of Centralized Air Conditioning Systems. Newer Centralized Air Conditioners make less noise than the old ones and hence, also contribute to the efforts to reduce noise pollution. With numerous rulings by the Apex Court of the nation, it is the duty to reduce unnecessary noise pollution wherever possible to avoid litigation costs. 

Last but not the least, it is necessary to enter into a contract with a reputed company dealing in HVAC as it ensures the services of certified technicians or engineers. MG Cooling Solutions, Bluestar, and Voltas are popular for the premium services offered by them to their clients. 

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