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HVAC for Pharma Industries

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - July 23, 2020

HVAC systems have become an integral part of proper functioning in the pharmaceutical industry. From research labs to manufacturing, pharmaceutical industries have installed HVAC systems to deal with factors that can easily affect the working in these areas. 

Centralized Air Conditioning for Pharma
Centralized Air Conditioning for Pharmaceutical Plants

HVAC systems 

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is a set-up that balances the temperature, maintains air supply and controls moisture in the space. This system works in bigger rooms where normal air conditioning is not enough. It is a system that functions efficiently in these larger spaces to provide air conditioning as per requirement. 

Pharmaceutical industries are very prone to deterioration at high rate and inefficient working in absence of a properly conditioned environment. It requires a stable atmosphere which can meet human needs, manufacturing needs, storage and research lab needs as well. 

HVAC functionality in Pharmaceutical industry 

  • Heating and cooling :

There are many activities that take place daily in pharmaceutical industries. These activities can be carried only when the favorable environment is present also. HVAC systems meet heating and cooling demands of research labs, storage places, different stages manufacturing and many more. 

  • Temperature, Ventilation and Air movement :

HVAC units perform multiple activities to maintain a balanced industrial environment day and night. HVAC maintains the right temperature and air pressure in manufacturing areas and research labs to ensure there is no harm to people and the work process.If temperature and air quality is not kept in control then higher chances of microbial growth arises which can create health issues for people working in these areas. Ventilation is maintained by adding external fresh air in the area with controlled air movement so that people are working comfortably. 

  • Humidity control :

Extreme temperature or moisture damages are very common to finished and unfinished products. HVAC systems have the ability to dehumidify the space. Dehumidification is the process of removing water vapor or moisture from air. This keeps the humidity in control for safe manufacturing of various types of drugs without losing stability. The quality of necessary products like drugs, vaccines and test kits cannot be compromised.

  • Air Filtration :

Warehouses and other storages need proper conditioning for minimum wastage of stored items. Inadequate air conditioning units can cause many major or minor problems. This can lead to product degradation, contamination, damage and loss. Continuous air filtration is done to remove all haphazard contaminants. 

MG Cooling Solutions make sure to deliver the right service and offer effective HVAC systems that remove harmful elements such as intoxicants, gases, micro-organisms, dust particles, heat, irregular temperature and excessive moisture for efficient flow of operations without any damage. 


HVAC plays an important role in the overall performance of pharma industries. It saves time, effort, products and other resources from various factors that affect the flow of daily operations. HVAC systems enable the researchers, manufacturing workers and other staff members of pharma industries to work in a well controlled environment. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning make the space free of uneven air movement, imbalanced temperature, bad air pressure, excessive moisture, microbes, particulate matter, dust, contaminants and other unwanted elements. Thus, HVAC systems prove to be a core need of pharmaceutical industries.

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