How HVAC Drawings can deliver good HVAC Projects with optimum efficiency.

How HVAC Drawings can deliver good HVAC Projects with optimum efficiency.

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HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. An HVAC Consultant takes charge of complete Consultancy, Design & Calculations. An HVAC Consultant also supervises HVAC Draughtsman. An HVAC Draughtsman takes care of all the drawings which are required in any kind of HVAC Project.
HVAC drawings are very useful for successfully executing an HVAC Project. The work starts with Architectural Design which is of a starting point for any HVAC Draughtsman to work upon. Generally, all the drawings in autocad format as the dimensions of all the construction material like walls, specifications of material like glass, metals etc. can be easily denoted in autocad format.


MG Cooling Solutions
MG Cooling Solutions
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Once HVAC Draughtsman has basic infrastructure layout with proper dimensions and specifications, his or her job starts with first locating all the heavy machinery instruments provided he utilized space in a much efficient manner and there is no hindrances as per actual site conditions.
For example, we can’t place a heavy air conditioner where there is no space or less space. Also, an HVAC Draughtsman has to make way for duct distribution and piping distribution.
A duct is a big pipe which carries supply or return air to a location from the air conditioners, exhausts, AHU etc. or vice versa. Piping work is the distribution of inlet or outlet water. Hence, the role of HVAC Draughtsman is to make sure there is no obstruction in the passage of duct distribution system and piping work.
The role becomes critical because other MEP work like fire fighting lines also need to be accommodated in the same drawings.
Hence, an HVAC Draughtsman must take care of below things:
 He or she must work in close association with people who are making other arrangements like fire fighting pipeline because the space is limited and this will create problem for installation team. Hence, he or she must pave way for other systems to run in parallel.
 He or she must take care of physical site infrastructure. He or she should not place any equipment and make provision for any duct or pipe where there is no space. Otherwise, the entire system will collapse and execution team will face lots of problem.
 An HVAC Drawing is the blueprint of HVAC system for Installation team to execute. Hence, there should not be any error in drawings to make sure that entire system runs well.
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