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Air Conditioning Of Server Rooms & Data Centers Through Precision Air Conditioning

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - July 4, 2020

Precision Air Conditioning, Server Room & Data Center

Processing and maintenance of data is essential in almost every other organisation. In data centers and server rooms activities related to data management, data storage, online activities are carried at both small and large scale. Data centers mainly consist of large groups of interconnected electrical equipment such as computers, servers, storage systems,security units and many other devices.

Systems in your IT rooms deal with data on a daily basis and are prone to even slight physical damage that can affect its overall performance. Electrical systems are vulnerable to high temperatures and humidity levels along with other elements that create unfavourable conditions for their working. Thus these sensitive hardware which carry important data need a precisely regulating environment. 

Standard AC and PAC & how they differ

Standard air conditioners are designed for people and low density heat whereas electrical systems produce higher density heat loads. This is the reason why you should not use comfort/standard air conditioning for your server rooms and data centres. IT rooms need more than a standard cooling system hence precision air conditioning is required to maintain suitable indoor ambience for your systems. 

Precision air conditioners (PAC) are specifically designed for electronic systems to deal with substantial heat produced by them. IT hardware generates more heat as compared to people. It is prone to deterioration in high humidity and low humidity increases static electricity. Precision Air conditioning precisely maintains favorable temperature and controlled humidity levels for efficient working of sensitive equipment. It regulates the environment with higher filtration, even air distribution, temperature and humidity control round the clock. MG Cooling Solutions provide complete Precision Air Conditioning solutions i.e. Supply & Execution for its clients.

Expensive hardware requires a stable environment to function efficiently. Precision air conditioners work consistently while providing an excellent mechanism to keep the high air flow rate, balanced environment, sensible heat and humidity ratio with software access. It constantly keeps the indoor environment of IT rooms in a stable condition and thereby proves to be an essential investment for server rooms and data centres. 

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