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Air Duct Maintenance: Crucial for the health of your HVAC Systems

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - December 5, 2019

For every building, HVAC System takes care of managing Indoor Air Quality. It is always advisable to change the filters to maintain the inflow of clean air after 2-3 months but it is also necessary to maintain the ducts and other necessary components.

One of the critical components is the air duct through which the air is circulated across the building. Since the air duct is the medium to take in and take out the air every time, it is imperative for any HVAC Maintenance personnel to take care of the same.

  Other important components include the heat exchanger, evaporator coils, collector pans, fan motors, blower fan blades, and fan housings. Since air is exposed to all these types of equipment, maintaining and cleaning them well is required to improve the air quality and the efficiency of HVAC systems. 

In some studies, it has been found that 25-40 percent of energy in an HVAC system is wasted due to leaks around doors and windows, inefficient or low energy-rated equipment, bad insulation and unsealed or leaked duct. This leads to the overall inefficiency of HVAC  equipment because of untimely cleaning and bad maintenance of the HVAC Duct system. Moreover, along with cleaning air duct, the blower fan should also be cleaned as this leads to a reduction in airborne particles and improve energy efficiency. Similarly, evaporator coils should be cleaned along with the ducts to prevent the build-up of bacteria that can be kept in check.

A good HVAC company is aware of the fact about how many times the critical components of the HVAC system should be cleaned to make sure that the system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Each component has a time period after which it should be examined and go for a cleaning, for example, the evaporator coils and collector pans should be cleaned at least every 2 years, otherwise they won’t have a life of more than 5years and the air duct should also be cleaned every 2-3years depending upon the needs.

Also, a good HVAC Company in India must check for any kind of leakage in the duct and make sure that the complete duct system is sealed properly so that there is no influx of outside uncleaned air.

Most companies fail in identifying the right time and as a result, they see a drop in the efficiency of HVAC Systems. This translated into higher energy costs as the deposition of unwanted material in the duct impacts the initial HVAC Design calculations. 

MG Cooling Solutions is one such HVAC company that is taking care of good HVAC practices to make sure that the HVAC system runs smoothly and their clients can save money for the smoother operations.

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