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Improve Air Quality by deploying HVAC System Filters to avoid contaminants

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - July 15, 2019

An HVAC Company can improve Air Quality by deploying HVAC System Filters.

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Bad Air Quality Leading to Sick Building Syndrome

As we all see in the news, Air Quality in Delhi has become worst giving arise to respiratory disorders. Even, the inside of the buildings is sometimes contaminated with harmful compounds found in carpets, building materials, paints and furniture when they are new. This gives rise to sick building syndrome caused by indoor air pollutants specifically in hot zone areas where buildings are sealed to keep away heat. Sick building syndrome can lead to a set of symptom like headache, eye irritation, dizziness, which affects productivity.

Improve Air Quality through HVAC System Filters

As we all know, one of the objectives of HVAC Company is to make sure that indoor air quality is safe and free of contaminations, an HVAC Design Engineer makes sure they incorporate filets in the HVAC system. Hence, it makes sense to deploy HVAC System Filters to make sure that contaminants stay away. This becomes more critical in HVAC Clean Rooms where the environment should trap any of the contaminants which is even thinner than human hair and can not be seen with the naked eye. The role of the HVAC Consultant is to deploy the right HVAC System Filters to facilitate clean indoor air for all the occupants inside. To solve this problem, HEPA Filers are used as HVAC System Filters.

What are HEPA Filters?


Filters that are HEPA rated are 99.97 % efficient at removing particles sized at 0.3 microns or smaller. HEPA filters rate in the highest ASHRAE standards of MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) testing. HEPA filters are made of an antimicrobial material, which will disable the DNA of any microorganism that gets captured in the filter, offers a multitude of filters with a variety of efficiencies and energy saving measures, to fit virtually any HVAC system out there. If you have a filter that does not have the capacity to hold as much of the contaminants and has to be changed three times as often, the labor involved in doing that is going to more than offset the cost of the higher-capacity filter. A newer and even more efficient filter is the ULPA (Ultra Low Penetrating Air).

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