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Article By MG Cooling Solutions In UVGI - April 15, 2021

Every commercial building has its standards and microbial concerns, the health hazards and bacteriological problems associated with different types of commercial buildings are often distinctive to the type of facility. Many occupancies in such commercial buildings increase the chances of contamination and thus it is very important to maintain the healthy air quality inside such buildings so that occupants don’t have to compromise with their health. Application of UVGI systems in commercial buildings varies with the type of building, in-duct UVGI is the most efficient and economic approach to disinfect the air of commercial buildings. Let’s discuss the problems and application of UVGI in few common types of commercial buildings.


Office buildings are the most common type of buildings, daily occupancy, and extensive interaction of people within the office building make it a suitable place where respiratory infections are regularly transmitted. Common cold, tuberculosis, sick building syndrome, and various types of respiratory tract infections are associated with such buildings. The air quality of office buildings depends on both indoor occupancy and cleanliness as well as on the composition of microbes in the outside air. Office buildings provide such a kind of environment that sustains bacteria and viruses long enough so that they can transmit infections to new hosts. In-duct UVGI can benefit office buildings and will help in eliminating the accumulation of microbes on the cooling coils and ductwork that contribute to improved indoor air quality.

UV Lamps can be installed at or around cooling coils and ducts that will prevent existing microbial growth and will improve its efficiency. Other options are the use of upper-room UVGI to deal with local problems and lower room UVGI to control microbial contamination at floor levels like lobbies. With UVGI disinfection unit’s decontamination of office bathrooms, kitchen, and storage areas can be done overnight. This will not only improve air quality but also the incidence of disease transmission between office workers will be greatly reduced


The health hazards to which workers are exposed differ with the type of industry like organic material producing industry have greater microbiological hazards while that produce inorganic products have more pollution hazards. Industrial environments may have organic materials, chemicals, microbes, biological compounds, or inert materials that provide the growing environment for microbes. Lung inflammation, asthma, Q fever, tuberculosis, and various respiratory infections are the most common type of health hazards that are found in the workers of different industries

The application of UVGI can benefit almost every type of industry depending upon the nature of the problem. In-duct UVGI can provide centralized control of air quality and can be applied to cooling coils to disinfect the circulating air and it can also save energy. Both upper and lower room UVGI Systems can be used to control biocontamination


uvgi for commercial buildings

Educational facilities for children are basically of 5 types – day-care centers, preschools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. If even a single child comes to school with a cold or flu it got transmitted to other children due to cross-contaminations and these children can bring contagious infections to home that can be transmitted to family members that can contribute to the spread of the epidemic in the community. Different types of facility and age groups are subject to different types of infections like day-care or nursery schools are subjected to adenovirus, echovirus, and rhinovirus infections. Primary schools are subjected to influenza, Chlamydophila, mumps, measles, varicella-zoster infections. Hight schools are subjected to adenovirus, influenza, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and streptococcus infections. To improve air quality and prevent cross-contaminations of different facilities UV air disinfection systems, including upper room systems and in-duct UV systems can be installed. UVGI Systems are very effective against measles, mumps, varicella, chickenpox, cold viruses, and other respiratory infections. Upper room UVGI is very helpful in classrooms that have little or no ventilation or having high ceilings


uvgi for commercial building

Malls and airports generally have large, enclosed volumes with heavy occupancy, and places of assembly may include auditoriums, stadiums, theatres, town halls, churches, temples, mosques, and shopping centers, etc where a large number of people gather indoors. In such premises, infectious diseases get exchanged by direct or indirect contact or through inhalation that can affect a large number of people. All those facilities that deal with the recirculation of air can make use of in-duct UV air disinfection systems. Large facilities generally have high ceilings, this provides an opportunity to use upper room UVGI. Since the UV lamps can be located far from the occupied floor areas so high-power UV systems can be applied. UV area disinfection systems can be used in public toilets where there are chances that infectious particles may be left on the surface

MG COOLING SOLUTION is a leading HVAC enterprise, and we know the importance of indoor air quality these days. We are working continuously to provide solutions that not only heat or cool your space but also make indoor air healthy and that. The UVGI systems are compatible with your new or existing HVAC systems and pocket friendly

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