Aspects of Energy Audit for HVAC Systems

Technical analysis of energy audit for some of the HVAC System components:

1.1 Chillers

1. Measuring all the operating parameters such as water flow inlet &out water temperatures, gas suctions &discharge pressure, Power Consumption etc.
2. Calculation of operating Input KW per TR (IKW I TR) of Chiller(s) for each chiller.

1.2 Pumps

1. Measuring all the operating parameter such as water flow, suction &discharge head, power consumption etc.
2. Performance Evaluation of chilled water &Condenser water pumps and compare the same with the design or generally expected efficiency of such pumps.

1.3 Cooling Towers

1. Measurement of various parameters for cooling tower fans, water flow rate, air flow rate, dry bulb temperature (DBT) wet bulb temperature (WBT) sump temperature, relative humidity etc.
2. Evaluation of cooling tower performance (Range, approach, and effectiveness).

1.4 Air Handling Units

1. Measurement of airflow, Relative Humidity(RH), Supply air temperature (Tsa), Return air temperature (Tra), Chilled Water Inlet and outlet temperature i.e. Tin, Tout through cooling coil and energy consumption of Air Handling Units (AHUs).
2. Examination of Air Handling Units for air delivery capacity, capacity utilization, temperature pattern, pressure drop and operational pattern with respect to time.
3. Calculation of actual tonnage of AHUs and Measurement of operating zone Temperatures under each unit.