Benefit of VRV/VRF Technologies

VRV Or VRF Technology- Overview

Variable Refrigerant Flow or Variable Refrigerant Volume is efficient technology in Air Conditioning Industry which can sense internal occupancy & external conditions
to provide desired cooling & heating effect within commercial building.
As a result of this, different temperatures can be maintained in a single premises simultaneously. The cooling and heating requirement of these spaces changes with respect
to external factors like position of sun, heat generating equipment in the area, lightning and outdoor temperatures.
Also, internally human occupancy changes and as a result of this VRV/VRF machines adjust temperatures for desired heating and cooling as required.

In its simplest form, a single outdoor unit of VRV/VRF is connected to many units of indoors through a network of copper pipes which consists of refrigerant.
VRV/VRF systems achieve efficiency by varying the flow of refrigerant to the indoor units based on exact requirement of different rooms which leads to desired comfort
cooling and precise temperature control.

VRV/VRF air conditioning systems are compact,flexible and modular in design. Outdoor units can be joined together for heat recovery process and indoor units also come
in multiple types and sizes making them suitable for most of the applications. These systems can also be engineered to avoid or minimize duct distribution network making them
compact and easy to install and they can also be controlled through sophisticated control system which can be also integrated into the building BMS control system.