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Blinds- One of the way to reduce Heat Load

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - December 4, 2019

Integral blinds are an effective way to reduce energy costs as they prevent heat from coming inside a building to a great extent. Even the Air Conditioning Manuals published globally advocate the use of blinds for Energy Efficiency measures. Even, if HVAC Companies in India use the correct solar control glazing glass combined with integral blinds then it gives huge Energy Savings for Air Conditioning requirements of the building.
Glass facades are popular with architects and developers as this allows lots of natural light for day-to-day processes which reduce a load of lightning also. On the flip side, the extra sunlight also brings additional heat to which the solution is integral blinds, which fit neatly inside the insulated glass unit and provide lightening with less solar heat gain.

Integral blinds are of great use to both residential and commercial buildings. They are assembled and permanently sealed within the dust-free double glazing cavity which makes them look new every time. They deliver great-looking interiors with less clutter and uninterrupted sightlines. There’s also a choice of venetian or pleated system and a wide range of color options. hence, aesthetically they offer a great value to the buildings
Integral blinds are an innovative product and should be considered at the design stage when formal specification decision is being made as the cost gets minimized if the same is planned in the very beginning phase of building design

To conclude, using solar control glass with integral blinds inside results in a reduced requirement for air conditioning which delivers a significant decrease in energy consumption and CO2 emission for the building and therefore makes building more environmentally friendly.
This is again one of the features of Green Buildings where using small things can make a big difference.
Even for commercial buildings, this has a huge role to play provided the cost of per electricity unit is higher for commercial buildings. MG Cooling Solutions work in the direction of persuading its clients on various Energy Efficient measures to make HVAC Projects highly Energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

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