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Centralised Air Conditioning

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - August 4, 2020

Centralised air conditioning is such a type of system that utilise both air and water as the working fluids for the dual purpose of cooling and heating. It has connected supplies of ducts that work to circulate the cool air at a specific site of its application. The name of the cooling system signifies its working principle. Centralised air conditioner moves the air which is cooled at a central location and further spreads and distributes to and from the whole of the rooms by the connected ductworks and fans. It comes in two varied types, the split system and packaged units. The splits air conditioning has an outdoor metal cabinet with condenser and compressor, while packed air conditioning comes with cabinet having condenser, evaporator and compressor located on the roof or next to the foundation of the house. The major components of the centralised air conditioner that create a comfortable environment involve the compressor and the inbuilt cooling system. It comes with the indoor temperature set ability known as the thermostat and runs with a quiet cooling function. Such type of air conditioner tends to pull the warm air from the room through the motorised fan and duct system. Conversely, the cool air is passed into the room through the connecting ducts to the vents and creating soothing low interior temperature.

The use of the centralised air conditioner is not limited to the household, it is also installed on a large scale for example in manufacturing plants. It will be economically unsustainable to install the splits air conditioners for the whole large buildings for cooling. The result would be unsatisfactory. Therefore, there is a requirement of the plant room that has installed a large compressor, thermostatic expansion valve, evaporator and condenser. The air conditioning works similarly to a refrigerator; however, difference lies in their capacities. The compressor is connected to the multiple cylinders and cooling is done with the use of water. Hence, its conditioning works like an automobile engine with the use of the thermostatic expansion valve. 

The highly sophisticated application of the central air conditioning also making it quite intricate. The major rationale for it is a limitation in the number of companies globally involved in its manufacturing. However, with an advance in technology, the central air conditioning comes with additional electronic utilities that give more comfort to the people. For example, apart from cooling, it also controls the humidity, creates heat and dryness according to the outside weather.

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