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Centralized Air Conditioning for Cooling Interiors

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - September 3, 2020

Because most of India is a sub-tropical country, the climate of this country is classified as very hot. Though the northern part of India, in the hilly areas, summer is mild and winter is very cold, the rest of India is exceedingly hot in summer. The temperature may exceed 50 degrees Celsius during May, in some low-lying areas, leading to the death of hundreds of Indians due to heatwaves in the air. In this scenario, Air Conditioning, inside the house,
becomes the only escape from the heat outside. In the process of Air Conditioning, the heat and moisture get removed from the interior of a particular space to generate a cooler environment to provide comfort to the occupants of that very space. Various types of Air Conditioners are there. Centralized Air Conditioning is most common in both domestic and
commercial environments.

In the Central Air Conditioning System, the cooled air gets circulated through the process of supply and return ducts. The main process of cooling is done by the air conditioner compressor through discharging the heat out of the house by enabling the compression of the refrigerant gas. In this process, the air is cooled at a central area and distributed to the rooms
or chambers by the supply ducts and registers. While circulating through the rooms, this refrigerated air becomes warmer and goes back to the central compressor via registers and return ducks.

Types of Centralized Air Conditioning:
Two types of centralized air conditioning are mostly used: a split system and a packaged central air conditioning unit. A brief description of their working processes is given below.

In the split-system central air conditioning, one metal cabinet containing the compressor and condenser is placed outdoor, and the other cabinet containing the evaporator is set up indoor. The ducts are connected to the indoor evaporator coil, and the cool air is blown by the blower to the rooms.

In a packaged central air conditioner, all the working parts i.e. the evaporator, the compressor, and the condenser are combined into one unit that is usually placed along exterior walls of a house or on a roof or a concrete slab attached to the house’s foundation.

The warm airflow of the indoors is supplied to the unit outside the house and got back through the ducts so that the ducts can send the cool air inside. Packaged air conditioning is commonly used in commercial buildings.

Heat pumps are another type that is ideal for areas with mild climate conditions. This type of centralized air conditioning can cool the rooms by pumping the hot air out during the summer as well as extract the warm air from outside into the home during the winter. And this type of air conditioner is also great in saving energy.

Benefits of Centralized Air Conditioning:
Besides cooling the rooms and reducing humidity levels, the central air conditioner also keeps the air clean as it pulls out the air from inside through the filtered air ducts that remove the airborne particles like lint and dust as well as the microscopic pollutants. And also, the centralized air conditioning lowers the indoor noise level as the compressor-bearing unit is placed outside the home.

Moreover, Centralized Air Conditioning is much more energy-efficient than any other air conditioners. Although Central Air Conditioner is a bit expensive, installing window units in more than one room can also be expensive depending on the number of units. Hence, Centralized Air Conditioning is an ideal choice for cooling houses with lots of rooms, offices, big buildings, malls, multiplexes, gyms, etc.

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