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Centralized Air Conditioning Systems

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - October 1, 2020

It has become more evident nowadays that the modernization influences domestic and commercial HVAC industry , and thus high technological and energy-efficient centralized air conditioning systems are demanded .Therefore , the selection of a proper central system is a crucial target as the improper selection can maximize the running costs of the system and lessens the human comfort .

The task of purchasing an air conditioning system for first time users can be baffling. In general air conditioning systems use refrigerant to transfer energy from inside to outside. They are split into groups which are described by suitability to different users like domestic, commercial, industrial, residential and office indicating the unit’s size, capability and robustness.

Having a fair idea of air conditioning in mind let us take a closer look on centralized air conditioners.

                                                 What are centralized air conditioners?

A central air conditioner can be compared with the refrigerator in our home. It employs the same types of components, materials and systems including a refrigerant that performs the transformation work of liquid to gas and back to liquid.  Then comes,

                                                 The Refrigeration Revolution

  • Utilizing electricity as its source power, the refrigerant flows through a closed system of refrigeration lines.
  • The ductwork pulls in the warm air from the house using a motorized fan.
  • The refrigerant is pumped from exterior compressor coil to the interior evaporator coil, wherein the heat is being absorbed from the air.
  • Now the cool air is pushed through connecting ducts to vents throughout the house thereby lowering the internal temperature.
  • This goes as a cycle again maintaining a consistent way in keeping the house cool.     

                                   Parts of a centralized AC System

To get a better understanding of how the air is cooled, having a little bit of an idea about the parts that make up the system is needed.

 An outdoor unit — Comprising of the condenser coil, compressor, electrical components and a fan

The evaporator coil – Usually installed on the top of the furnace in our houses.

Refrigerant – This is contained in the refrigeration lines that circulates through indoor and outdoor unit of the house

Ducts – Air tunnels to many spaces inside the house

Thermostat – This is set to our desired temperature.

                                                         Types of centralized air conditioners

The centralized air conditioners come in two types: split system and a packaged unit.

Split – System central air conditioners: –

In this system the condenser and compressor are contained in the outside metal cabinet, and the evaporator in the inside one. In a quite few split systems the furnace/air handler is also contained in the indoor cabinet.  the main duct of this furnace also has an evaporator coil. These split systems are economical in places which has a furnace already in place.

 The packaged unit: –

Unlike the split systems here the evaporator, condenser and compressor are all located in a single cabinet, which is usually placed on a concrete slab next to the foundation of the house. The air supply and the return ducts cone from inside through the homes exterior wall to connect with the packaged air conditioner, which is usually present in the outside. This unit often include electric heating coils, which in combination with the air conditioner eliminates the need for a separate inside furnace.

Listing out some of the benefits of centralized air conditioning system over other systems

  1. Indoor comfort during humid times by maintaining a cool home temperature.
  2. Noise level is low when compared to stand alone conditioners due to its quite operation.
  3. Cleaner air – the system removes the airborne particles with the air ducts. The sophisticated filters aids in removing the microscopic pollutants as well.

Cost effective, energy efficient air conditioning systems without compromising the quality are always more preferable among the buyers.

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