Energy Audit of Cooling Tower

CASE STUDY 2: AUDIT of cooling tower

Sample case study for audit of cooling tower. With our precise and scientific instruments, we have analyzed below mentioned data for two number of cooling towers installed at client side.

Performance of Cooling Tower   
SN. Description Units CT-1(MOB) CT-2 (MOB)
1 Cooling water flow m3/hr 180.00 202.00
2 CT Fan Flow m3/hr Fan Less CT
3 CT water inlet temp °C 29.00 30.00
4 CT water outlet temp °C 27.00 28.00
5 Dry bulb temp. °C 29.00 29.00
6 Wet bulb temp. °C 26.00 26.00
7 CT Range °C 2.00 2.00
(water i/l temp.-water o/l temp.)
8 CT Approach °C 1.00 2.00
(water o/l temp-wet bulb temp.)
9 Evaporation losses 0.31 0.31
10 Effectiveness % 67 50


Technical Evaluation & Findings:

  • This is of Natural Air cooling Tower with 6 rows and each row has 14 nozzles. In cooling tower-1 only 5 rows are operation and in other cooling tower -2 all 5 rows are in operation. Height of the cooling Tower is 4.2 m
  • No chemical additives are added to maintain the TDS.
  • Chiller condensing water is been cooled here, the main criteria is outlet temperature which should be 28°C  but as the cooling tower completely covered by building it will affect cooling water outlet temperature.
  • Proposed system: The cooling tower need to shift to terrace where there is no obstacles so the air will flow from down wards and cooling water temperature will be below 28°C.