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Energy Audit in India

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Energy Audit - September 23, 2019

Growing Energy Requirement in India

Energy Audit in India
Energy Audit in India

A growing surge in energy requirement needs to be fulfilled through an Energy Audit in India.

The energy requirement of Indian industries is by and large, high as compared to its peers in the developed as well as developing countries. As an outcome of liberalization and globalization of the economy, there is a surge in energy requirements for further industries.
The energy which we generate out of fossil fuels will not last for a longer duration of time. And Engineers and Scientists around the globe are looking forward to renewable energy sources like solar energy, biomass and wind energy which are available freely in the atmosphere. The facts move around to make these sources of energy commercially viable as well. At the same time with the mass destruction of natural resources in place, a growing need is felt to conserve fossil energy sources.
Hence, we need to save and conserve energy and make sure that we can make it energy efficient as well for the existing systems. There is an immediate requirement to make facility managers aware of Energy Efficient measures.

Government Initiative

Government of India has constituted The Energy Conservation Act, 2001 to provide efficient use of energy and its conservation. The act provides a policy framework and direction to national energy conservation activities. Under this Act, Energy Audit is made mandatory to key notified Designated Consumers (DC). There is a provision in this Act that only an Accredited Energy Auditors shall carry out the Mandatory Energy Audit of the Designated Consumers at specified intervals.
In India, Energy Auditors & Energy Managers certification is given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency which is established by the Ministry of Power, Government of India.
To cater to the growing needs of energy because of liberalization and globalization of economy, a substantial increase in an energy audit, energy conservation, and energy management are required.
They carry out energy audits and work out suitable action plans for effecting energy savings and their implementation.


Since the government is putting its effort to make Energy Efficient design guidelines for its industrial customers. There is also a need to save energy on both the macro and micro level. Energy efficiency and energy saving should start from every home and every individual. We can also contribute to energy saving by buying inverter-based air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. This can make a significant impact in reducing energy costs.

The author is Hina Gupta from MGCS conducting Energy Audit to save energy and money for its clients.


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