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How to get Pure & Filtered Air through HVAC for Hospitals?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - July 11, 2019

HVAC for Hospitals is responsible for cleaning the air, not spreading the infection and keeping the environment clean. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning and it plays a critical role in Centralized Air Conditioning for Hospitals.

Filtration and Purification of the air is the prime job of HVAC for Hospitals. As we all know, it is critical is to get pure and fresh air for hospital processes. Well, we all think that generally, the Centralized Air Conditioning is a luxury for Hospitals but Ideally, HVAC for Hospitals or Air Conditioning for Hospital is the core thing to have.

This is so as there are so microenvironments which are under the hospital building. For example, the hospital staff may change the temperature setting in the surgery room from one operation to the next. Hence, only the right HVAC Company in India through right HVAC Consultants can achieve this purpose of maintaining Right Temperature, Humidity & Air Quality. The next critical step is to make a thorough cleaning of the entire system from time to time. If not cleaned, the HVAC system will not work efficiently and the energy usage will also increase because it’s harder for the motor to draw air across a dirty filter. Hence it is advisable to clean the filter timely. In addition to changing the filter in a timely manner, the ductwork and drain pipe must also be cleaned on a regular basis.

HVAC for Hospitals (Centralized Air Conditioning for Hospitals)
HVAC for Hospitals (Centralized Air Conditioning for Hospitals)

Broadly, there are three ways in which hospital administrators could improve the air quality areas having an HVAC system

For Emergency Wards,

  • One way is to increase the flow of outside air to flush out space more often to dilute the contamination level. While it would be an effective means to get rid of bio-contaminants, the downside is higher energy costs to condition the air you’re bringing in from the outside.
  • An HVAC Consultant would also apply a higher level of filtration to the central air handling system which will reduce the bio-contaminants but the problem is those higher efficiency filters add resistance to air flow so now your energy costs for running the blower motor are increased, or you might have to replace blower motor of higher capacity to get the air to move.
  • An HVAC Consultant could also think of a stand-alone unit which can provide the same benefits in terms of air cleaning as bringing in large amounts of outside air. There will not be higher energy costs, In this case, HVAC Design Engineers make sure that any of the air that is fed into the room first passes through 99.9 percent HEPA filters and also these units can increase the amount of air flowing into the room so they can help maintain positive pressure within the room. They can move these portables from room to room, the portable units allow you to move the units closer to the source of contamination, whether that be an individual or an area of the room.

Hence, it is required to hire the right HVAC Company for Hospitals to make sure the air is clean. MG Cooling Solutions are HVAC Consultants & Engineers helping in Centralized Air Conditioning Solutions with pure air for their customers.

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