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Green Buildings for a Healthy U

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Green Buildings - October 7, 2019

Green buildings to get greener

From fighting the greenhouse effect and wondering about green buildings, the dilemma still prevails on how to get rid of one and how to proliferate the usage and efficiency of the others. While normal buildings include the construction, water, electricity and other miscellaneous resources that it may utilize depending on what the building would be used for. Green buildings help in putting back or rather reducing the amplified effect of exploitation of resources.

.Green Buildings in India

Green buildings are about both the efficiency(‘green’) of the structure as well as it’s functioning both of which are resource-efficient.

Though not found in a lot of places in India, green buildings are a part of emerging technology to sustain and improve the quality and also the efficient use of the environment and it’s resources. Adding on to the benefits to the environment like an efficient use of energy, water, and other resources and reducing waste, pollution an environmental degradation, these kinds of technology also support occupant health and employee productivity.

World wide, buildings account for a huge share of energy, electricity and water consumption. Each year, they contribute to 18% of the CO2 emission, which is almost 9 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. Buildings also take up a large area of land, and according to a publication made by International Energy Agency, the existing buildings are responsible for more than 40%  of the world’s total primary energy consumption and 24% of the total carbon dioxide emission.

The green building movement originated in the US, was rooted in the need for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly practices of construction. Formed as a result of the energy crisis and environmental pollution concerns of the 1960s and 1970s, these buildings also have other multifaceted benefits like economic, social and also the obvious result of environmental benefits.

The multiplicity of practices and technologies involved in the buildings eventually reduce and eliminate the impacts of buildings on the environment as well as human health. The focus mainly falls on the usage of renewable resources(usage of solar energy through active solar, passive solar and photovoltaic equipment and using plants and trees for green roofs and green gardens and reduction of rainwater runoffs through its efficient usage), the usage of packed gravel and permeable concrete helps in replenishment of groundwater.

While the technologies and methods around the construction of these buildings are variable from region to region, the adaptation of greener technology is a primary focus all around the globe. Though there are only are a few green buildings in India. There are attempts made to put this technology in use.          

This article is contributed by MG Cooling Solutions which are HVAC Consultants & HVAC Contractors in India and trying to make air conditioning energy-efficient in India.

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