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Green Buildings for All of Us

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Green Buildings - October 8, 2019

Green Building

We all are witnessing a global climate change causing tremendous C02 emission which is rising global Warming. The World yields about 0.6 tones/year/ per capita CO2. India is the 5th main producing GHG. This influences the climate variation resulting in sea level rising and detrimental for the sea flora and fauna.

This can be minimized through Green Building concepts. Green Buildings are the one which does not emit much CO2 and built on sustainable modes for the welfare of all the communities and the environment. Some of the things which are achievable by green buildings are:

•             Efficient usage of water, energy and other resources which are limited.

•             Replacing energy sources to be renewable like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, etc.

•             Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation

Any building whether it is residential or commercial, school or hospitals, shopping complexes can be turned into green buildings. Globally, there are various certifications for Green Buildings that are used worldwide. In India, the governing council is IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) which provides green building certifications by the name of LEED certification.

So What Makes a Building Green?

Following examples can be considered for green buildings:

•             Using sustainable materials during construction procedure can be reused, recycled or made from renewable sources.

•             Provisions of healthy air with improved air quality through the right ventilation processes. For a commercial building, we need HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) which provides right ventilation and ambient temperature. A good HVAC Company in India like MG Cooling Solutions provide such solutions.

Hence, green building is something that everyone should give a thought to. Even if you have recently constructed your building, fewer changes can help you in the longer run. It will have a dual impact that you can cut down on your energy usage, save cash, and make a big influence on the environment. So, Go Green Now and Subscribe to our blog for more such articles.

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