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Why we all need Green Buildings around us?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Green Buildings - October 1, 2019

Green Building

Green building is an initiative that promotes the development of sustainable infrastructures. The design and operation of the buildings are mainly crafted using renewable resources. The main components of green buildings are water management systems and the use of solar energy to run mechanical and electric devices with limited usage from fossil fuels and saving energy.

There are many ways to achieve this and one of the way is to use south-facing glass for the absorption, storage, and distribution of solar energy. To manage water usage the buildings are installed with auto-closing taps and showers. Rainwater harvesting systems are integral for such buildings. It consists of a pumping station, supply tank, and storage tank. The construction material is acquired from renewable sources like bamboo and straw or recycled stone to keep the indoor air quality clean. The building material also lacks asbestos and VOC (volatile organic compound), making it a healthier space for living or working.   Green buildings significantly reduce the load on local resources which are exhaustive .

Green Buildings in India
Green Buildings in India

Also, the plantation is the most attractive feature of green buildings. The plants are planted along with the height of the building, which gives it the appearance of a vertical garden which we now see in most of the urban cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, etc.

Green Buildings are a step towards protecting the environment and the health of the people. All the material that is used in the construction of the building undergoes a Life cycle assessment (LCA). Criteria like global-warming potential embodied the energy of production of the material, reusability, and potential air and water pollution threats.

To maintain the sustainability of the building, all the fittings and mechanical and electrical devices installed and used within the building are expected to be energy efficient. The installation of biodegradable waste management systems is an extended attempt towards the preservation of the environment.

In India, rating systems like GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) helps customers by rating the environmental performances of buildings. The credits are given based on the location of the building, water management, energy conservation, material used for building and overall impact on the health of the residents.

Some similar organizations are BREEAM (United Kingdom), LEED (the United States and Canada), DGNB (Germany), CASBEE (Japan), and VERDEGBCe (Spain) are also working globally to maintain green building standards to save energy.

The author is from MG Cooling Solutions Team which works in energy efficiency domanin through their energy efficient air conditioning solutions.

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