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Green Buildings-The Future Buildings

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Green Buildings - October 30, 2019

Green Building

Ever since man has started developing in terms of technology it has been at the expense of nature. It is the need of the hour to address this issue and climate change is real. There have been many steps taken to enable the reverse process of the unfortunate change and one among them is Green Building. Green Building is a type of building which creates a sustainable building with environment sufficient resources and takes the action of treatment of waste to generate before sending it out to the environment.

From the very start of the building process to the entire life span of the building with people living in it, it maintains a balanced ecosystem in accordance with the environment. It is designed to reduce the overall impact of the building and people living in it on the environment. There are two types of green building one which depends on the outside environment for electricity and the other which does not and is called zero energy building which produces electricity using solar panels.

Some of the basic features of Green Building are as stated below:

  • It maintains a balance in the utilization of energy and resources
  • It generates electricity from renewable sources like harvesting solar energy using solar panels and solar cells
  • It follows the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Air quality and ventilation is maintained by good civil engineering practices by letting hot air pass through open spaces and reduce heat sinking into the building. This can be achieved more precisely by hiring the right HVAC Company in India and MG Cooling Solutions are HVAC Consultants & Engineers delivering Energy Efficient HVAC projects.
  • All the construction materials must be locally available and must not harm the environment.
  • The occupants must have a good sustainable life inside the building.
  • It can be able to upgrade to follow new environment-friendly practices in the long run.

There can be different types of green buildings- home, offices, hospitals, shopping malls but all must have the same goal that is being sustainable to the environment.

Hence, green buildings are all that we need now to deliver sustainability in the longer term.

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