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How Central AC Systems Work

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - October 5, 2020

Summers are here, and so is the sweltering heat in the atmosphere making our homes, buildings, and offices warmer. So why not make it cool with centralized air conditioning or we call it as centralized A/C.

The centralized word implies air is cooled at Central location and distributed to and from rooms by one or more fans or ducts. It lessens with an outdoor compressor and condenser coil connected to an indoor furnace fitted with an evaporator coil. As the air handler pushes warm air across the coil, the refrigerant embodies so much heat from the air that it turns into vapor. Central air primarily concentrates on the cooling system. It uses the high-pressure air within our homes to deliver refreshing air which makes use of vents, plenums, and ducts to provide us conditioned air.

It’s very indispensable to have a variety of centralized systems that suit different infrastructure, demands, and the most prominent which is thrifty and prudent. So here come 4 sorts of centralized air conditioning systems available in the market. They are split systems, heat pumps, packaged central air conditioners, and ductless mini-split systems.

Split Systems as everyone knows is the most widely used and economical air conditioning system used in our homes. It uses the same duct for both passages of air conditioning and heat and henceforth making it highly cost-effective for today’s era. The indoor evaporate coil is connected to ducts throughout our homes and then a blower will blow cool air to every room making it productive and efficient.

Heat pumps move heat from inside of a building to outside the building. A Peltier device is a heat pump that passes on heat from one side to the other side through electric current. It works the other way around too. In winters the outside heat is passed inside making the room warmer. If the cooling side is the inside of a building, and the warming side is the outside of the building, the inside of the building gets cold. This is how an air conditioner works in summers. And If the cooling side is the outside of the building, and the warming side is the inside of the building, this is how a heat pump can heat a building during the winters.

Packaged Air Conditioners consolidates all the working parts into one unit that is the evaporator, the condenser, and the compressor. The air ducts are placed along the exterior walls of a house or the roof, and they provide the flow of warm air inside the house to the unit, then back through the ducts so that cool air can be sent inside. Commercial Buildings usually prefer this system.

Ductless Mini Split System supplies air to a single room. It uses an individual fan and evaporator unit for each room. It regulates the temperature of each room in our homes in a more systematic and synchronized manner. Multi-zone systems are a common application of ductless systems and concede 8 zones to be conditioned from a single outdoor unit. So centralized air conditioners have an unconventional strategy for distinctive scenarios. You can fetch it according to your requirements and resources. So just have a look at your needs and soothe your surroundings with a cooling breeze

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