How to check on energy consumption of HVAC System?


Below mentioned are some of the industry standard rating system to calculate on efficiency of HVAC Systems:

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio( SEER)

SEER indicates cooling efficiency of heat pump or air conditioners. Hence, SEER is directly proportional to
higher efficiency of any HVAC machine.

Wattage( KWH)

It’s a key component to check on operational cost of any running HVAC sysytem, especially when they are
required to run at peak hours or at peak capacity. Wattage basically measures amount of electricity
consumption by HVAC system to give desired comfort cooling.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ( AFUE)

Generally used for gas or oil furnaces, it indicates how much fuel is utilized to heat the premises
tobe cooled and how much fuel get wasted. AFUE for HVAC systems is expressed in percentage i.e. 90 %
AFUE rating means 80 % efficiency and 20 % fuel wastage.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor( HSPF)

It signifies efficiency level of heatming mode of heat pumps, furnaces etc. Higher HSPF signifies
higher efficiency