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How to Check Uneven Cooling of Your Manufacturing Plant by Centralized AC?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - July 20, 2020

If your manufacturing plant encounters uneven cooling, you are not alone. When you invest in centralized AC, you expect it to cool your entire establishment. However, as time passes, several factors lead to your system’s inability to cool your whole factory homogenously.

On switching the central AC, if you find that while the downstairs is cool, the upper floors feel like a sauna, it is time to check the AC’s well-being. Mentioned below are a few ways to address the issue of uneven cooling of manufacturing units.

Turn the Fan to “On” from “Auto”

Is your thermostat in “auto” mode? If yes, change it to “on” because in “auto” mode, the fan runs only when it gets the instruction to cool and the outdoor is “on” as well as actively cooling the plant.

When the thermostat is in the “on” mode, the system’s fan stays on and spreads air even after the cooling cycle of the system goes off. This helps to disseminate the air in your plant, thereby, making the temperature even on all the floors. 

Use Your Air Vents to Regulate and Redirect Air

Dirty or blocked vents can contribute to uneven cooling. Check out for debris and dust on the vents, and then, remove them with a vacuum cleaner. Remove equipment or tools that block the flow of air in your plant.

Partially close some vents on the lower floor to make sure that more air is directed to the upper floor. This helps remove the pressure build up in the system that would occur if you closed the floor vents completely.

Regulate Various Areas with a Zoning System

A zoning system is a large investment, but it is efficient while handling uneven cooling. These systems let you control the temperature directly on individual floors or areas. You will realize their efficacy when you compare it with having a single thermostat controlling cooling in the entire building.

A professional HVAC contractor can set up customized zones in your plant with the help of several configurations. The number of zones to be set up depends on your existing cooling and heating situations and the size, type and layout of your plant. In general, a zoned system is most probably the ideal option for those who want to have complete control over their cooling.

Uneven cooling of your manufacturing plant is a problem you need to address quickly. Contact a professional to solve the issues and identify other effective solutions to improve the cooling of your factory.

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