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How to Make Air Conditioning Systems Energy-Efficient?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - March 7, 2020

With the coming of the summer season, the need for Air Conditioners substantially rises. You want to feel the comfort of a cool breeze on your body, whenever you enter your room in the blazing summers. This high on the hog can be maintained by following some steps:

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Before using the air conditioner for summer, you should get your AC checked from licensed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Your air conditioners will work with utmost efficiency when they are properly maintained – all of the dust, dirt, hair and other items will be removed during the cleaning. This will result in the opening of airflow vents and a supply of cooler breeze to you.

Quick Tip: Always clean your air conditioner before switching it ON.

Opt for Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

Before buying an AC, always research well in the market and online platforms, and opt for the most energy-saving model. The energy-saving air conditioners model will have dual effects – they will provide the cool breeze and it won’t be much hard on your electricity bill. You can save 15% on your electricity bill and in some cases, you can get rebates from the competent authorities for buying it.

Quick Tip: Opt for the air conditioner that can perform both: lower your room temperature and your electricity bill.

Modifications to Your Home

By utilizing the proper insulating & sealing your home via air ducts, you can save 30% on your electricity bill. Furthermore, you can opt for physical modifications, like, energy-efficient windows, dark window treatments and reflective roof materials in your house to gain maximum cooling effect. You can run your ceiling fan in counterclockwise during the summer, this will also help in warding off sun’s heat.

Quick Tip: Make some modifications in your home so that you can enjoy the cool breeze in your home from one room to another.

Shut Down Other Electronics

While switching ON your air conditioner, you should shut down other electronic equipment, like, exercise equipment, computers, machinery, and media systems, as these items generate more heat. This will add saving in your electricity bill, as your air conditioner will use less power to cool your room.

Quick Tip: When other electronic equipment are not in use, then you should shut them down properly.


Following the aforementioned points will surely help you in saving a lot on your electricity bill and the long life of your AC equipment. Always opt for the air conditioner according to your home requirements and adjust the prior via air ducting so that every room has the cool breeze.

The same is applicable for HVAC ( Centralized Air Conditioning System ) and a good HVAC Company in India like MG Cooling Solutions helps their clients in reducing the energy for their clients.

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