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Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - December 9, 2019

Humidification plays a primary role in controlled- contamination environment, where the processes have a high value and the absence of or incorrect humidity control can cause irreparable defects. E.g. The processes that take place inside a clean room are considerably influenced by the thermodynamics of the air.

Hence, clean rooms are designed with lots of intricacies to achieve desired results. Most of the laboratories are developed into clean rooms to avoid any contamination of chemicals and necessary apparatus. Hence, it becomes quite imperative to control the Temperature & Humidity inside a cleanroom. This is achieved by a well-designed HVAC system inside a cleanroom.

MG Cooling Solutions, a cleanroom HVAC Company designs and constructs the cleanroom in a manner that thermodynamics of air can be controlled as per desired conditions in the clean rooms.

The speed of chemical reactions also depends on the moisture content of the air which therefore plays a fundamental role in achieving a high-quality product. Another industry where clean rooms are required is a semiconductor, comprising electrical circuits that are closely integrated. The moisture content of the air must, therefore, be controlled, to avoid electrostatic discharges and short circuits. Controlling and maintaining relative humidity between 40 percent and 60 percent thus minimizes the proliferation and spread of bacteria and other biological contaminants. In fact, a lower RH can also bring dryness in the respiratory system and thus impacting the productivity of the employees.

To increase the moisture content of the air, there are two possible thermodynamic transformations: isothermal or adiabatic.

Isothermal humidifiers work on the principle of constant temperature and adiabatic humidifier works on the principle of no heat transfer into the surroundings.

To choose the right humidifier is the job of an HVAC Design Company, MG Cooling Solutions and it is a matter of making the best trade-off between humidification loads, expected operating hours, budget, installation simplicity and any surrounding conditions.

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