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How to Improve Air Quality through HVAC Company in Offices ?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - April 5, 2019

How an HVAC Company can help in improving Air Quality for the health of all the employees?

As per definition given by the United States Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA), Indoor Air Quality refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of occupants.

Improving Air Quality through HVAC System
Improving Air Quality through HVAC System

Understanding and controlling common indoor pollutants can help reduce your risk of health concerns.  Adverse health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or later.

Immediate effects include irritation of eyes, nose, throat headaches, dizziness, and fatigues and are usually short term and treatable.

Long terms effects which include some respiratory, heart diseases etc. and occurs only after long or repeated periods of exposure.

Air Pollutants & Their Impact

  • Particulate Matter( PM)

Particulate matter PM 2.5 ( particle size below 2.5 micrometers) comes from the combustion process, i.e., emission from diesel, petrol, natural gas, open waste burning, biomass burning, coal combustion.  Most of PM 10 (particle size below 10 micrometer) comes from mechanical processes like dust on roads due to continuous automobile movement, at the construction sites, and seasonable dust storms.

  • Sulphur Dioxide ( SO2)

It has significant health and environmental effects as it is a constituent of acid rain, smog and influences global warming. Natural sources of sulfur dioxide are volcanoes, forest fires, oceans, and decaying plant materials. Anthropogenic sources are power stations, metal manufacturing, and other industrial processes.


  • Nitrogen Oxides

Nitrogen dioxide ( NO2) & Nitrogen Oxides ( NO) are expelled from high-temperature combustions, and during thunderstorms and by electric discharge.


  • Carbon Monoxide

CO (Carbon monoxide ) comes out of incomplete burning of carbon-containing materials like coal, wood, charcoal, oil etc.

  • Ozone

Ozone at ground level is harmful air pollutants and created by chemical reactions between oxides of nitrogen when pollutants are emitted by cars, power plants, industrial plants, boilers and refineries, chemical plants in the presence of sunlight.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

They are indoor pollutants arising out of so many things around us like printers, computers, engines, appliances, paints, adhesive, solvents etc.


Benchmarking Right Indoor Air Quality
There are various standards and benchmarks available worldwide for benchmarking Indoor Air quality like WELL Building Standard, USEPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency)


HVAC & Indoor Air Quality


Hence, it becomes vital for organizations to make sure that they maintain the highest standards of indoor air quality for their staff and employees. This can be achieved by hiring right HVAC Company as the role of HVAC Consultants are to make sure that they do the right design engineering so that the air coming out of centralized air conditioning systems are clean and free from the contaminations, pathogens, bacteria’s etc.

Also, a good HVAC Company makes sure that there is no cross-contamination of indoor air to make the air quality better.


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