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How HVAC & Centralized ac are related & how to choose right HVAC Company?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - March 14, 2019

What is HVAC & how HVAC and centralized air conditioning are related?

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Centralized ac is one of the branch of HVAC ( Heating, ventilation & Air Conditioning)

Now-a-days centralized air conditioning systems have replaced traditional split, windows ac units etc.

The reason for the same is this centralized air conditioning systems are highly effective in big buildings and contribute to energy saving and cost saving. They also ensure uniform distribution of air through ducting system and easy to operate and find applications in every kind of buildings right now.

However, one must be conscious of the fact about choosing right centralized ac or HVAC Company. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. HVAC is a technical term used globally. Hence, HVAC Companies and centralized ac companies are same in relation to the work to make the building air conditioned and ventilated.

Heating comes in a picture where the climate is really cold and buildings need to have heating applications like we have in Europe, Russia & USA.

However, in India we only concerned on air conditioning as per the prevailing climatic conditions and we use HVAC as synonym of centralized ac since ventilation is also required in buildings.

HVAC has applications in every kind of buildings like offices, buildings, offices, hospitals, retail chains, warehouses etc.

How to choose the right Centralized ac (HVAC) Company in India?

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Choose right HVAC Company

Now, as we have got an idea of relation between Centralized air conditioning & HVAC, we also make sure that we choose right HVAC Company or Centralized accompany in India.

You must check the profile and professional experience and calibre of HVAC Consultants. Since HVAC Consultancy or design is the backbone for any HVAC or Centralized ac project to be successful. Errors in designing cannot be fixed as HVAC Projects demands huge capital expenditure in the beginning and hence by choosing right HVAC Consultants, you can guarantee a good Return on Investment for the money you will be spending.

Once, you have checked the profile of HVAC Consultants; please make sure you also check technical knowledge of the execution team. Companies which do execution Supply, Installation, Testing &Commissioning are called HVAC Contractors.

Hence, in a nutshell, prior experience of the HVAC Company in India, client testimonials, site visits of prior work gives you an idea of technical proficiency of an HVAC Company in India.

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