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What are  HVAC Clean Rooms in Hospitals ?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Cleanroom - July 7, 2019

HVAC Clean Rooms in Hospitals are required to keep the contamination level as low as possible. As we all know, hospitals are the place where there is a high risk of contamination by bacteria, germs or virus, AN HVAC system for Cleanrooms helps in preventing and spreading the contamination from an infected person to others. Hence, it is quite imperative to have HVAC Clean Rooms in the Hospitals. HVAC for Hospitals serve the purpose of Air Conditioning, maintaining RH & Improving Air Quality. In the hospital environment, the costs of contaminants or not having a proper HVAC Clean Room could mean the life of a critically ill patient which can be coined as bioterrorism.

HVAC Clean Rooms
HVAC Clean Rooms

Pressure Requirements for HVAC Clean Rooms in Hospitals

Clean room conditions in the hospital include are required is separate wards and surgery places like Operation Theater. Both places are required to have pressurization and contamination free. For example, the isolation or separate ward is kept at negative pressure, i.e. air pressure is less inside compared to the adjacent area, allowing air to flow into the room when the door is opened. This helps in keeping the ward occupants free from the infected person. Conversely, the surgery suite should be kept at a positive pressure, meaning the air will flow outward when the door is opened, protecting the surgical patient from contaminants. The high-pressure flow will make the contaminants not to settle.

Temperature & Humidity Requirements for HVAC Clean Rooms in Hospitals

Humidity within any area of the hospital should be kept right around 50 to 55% since bacteria thrive at both very high and very low levels of humidity.  Also, this is the ideal humidity which is neither less nor more. The temperature may vary slightly from places to places, but the humidity level should remain the same. High humidity will make moisture content high in the environment which will dampen the things and will thrive the growth of molds, bacteria or fungi whereas so less humidity will make the environment dry causing static electricity generation.

Hence, it makes sense to hire the right HVAC Company which can design the right cleanroom conditions to make sure the environment is safe for everyone. MG Cooling Solutions is a leading HVAC Company in India providing HVAC Clean Room Services to its clients.

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