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How does an HVAC Company do HVAC Commissioning for HVAC Projects?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - July 1, 2019

HVAC Commissioning is one of the culminating steps of any HVAC Projects. It comes at the last stage after HVAC Design & Construction on the site is executed.

HVAC Commissioning for HVAC Projects by HVAC Company
HVAC Commissioning for HVAC Projects by HVAC Company

An HVAC Project Engineer must have full-fledged knowledge of all the levels of HVAC Commissioning to make sure that the entire HVAC system runs in a synchronized way.

Commissioning for energy efficiency Levels of commissioning

Definition of commissioning as per the International Energy Agency (IEA)

‘Commissioning is a quality oriented process for achieving, verifying and documenting whether the performance of a building’s systems and assemblies meet defined objectives and criteria.

The above is a wide definition of Commissioning and the same is applicable to HVAC Commissioning as well.

To specify at what point those objectives and criteria will have been met, five levels of verification are defined

  • The first consists of checking if the different elements of the system are installed and are achieved through site inspection. For example, a necessary check of all the types of equipment and accessories are part of the system.
  • The second level consists of checking if those elements have the right components which are quality assured at the factory as they might get damaged on site or in transit or may have been incorrectly assembled. Since every equipment is made at different places and is assembled at the HVAC site, so it becomes imperative for HVAC Project Engineer to check that it has the same specifications as mentioned in the HVAC Design.
  • The third level consists of checking that the different elements are connected to form the system. This is to make sure that all the elements, types of equipment are connected to form a complete system
  • The fourth level consists of verifying whether the system is capable of delivering the required air flows, temperatures, etc. at design conditions. This can be achieved through gadgets and measuring instruments like Infra Red Thermometers, Anemometers, etc.
  • The fifth level consists of ensuring that the system’s controls regulate the system in-use at the optimum comfort and energy performance throughout the year. Here, an HVAC Company needs to assure that the system is running as per the design parameters which were set initially for the particular plant or process.

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