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How HVAC Company in Delhi NCR can improve Air Quality?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - September 15, 2019

Role of HVAC Company in Delhi NCR in maintaining Air Quality

Due to rising pollution in India, facilities managers are looking for HVAC Company in Delhi NCR which can help in keeping the life of occupants and employees safe. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning and improving air quality is one of the aspects of HVAC Companies in India.

HVAC Company in Delhi NCR for improving Air Quality
HVAC Company in Delhi NCR for improving Air Quality

Are you constantly reminded of the cautionary “No Smoking” commercial while putting on an anti-pollution mask? Your concerns are valid. Over 1 million Indians lose their lives due to air pollution according to a study by Lancelot planetary health. The reason for such monumental casualties is the wide and varied demographics of the country. Air pollution-related health effects are synergic manifestations of air pollution along with factors such as socio-economic background, immunity, heredity, food habits, occupational habits, etc. Hence people with pre-existing medical conditions and the underprivileged take the hardest blow.

Due to the abysmal deterioration in air quality, the SC banned the use of firecrackers (which often led to an episodic rise in pollution during October) in Delhi NCR effective from November 2017. This did not prevent us from being home to 15 of the 20 most polluting cities in the world according to data by Greenpeace and AirVisual in 2018, with Gurugram topping the charts with Particulate Matter (PM 2.5)  amounting to 135/mg. This made it essential for city dwellers to take precautionary measures such as wearing anti-pollution masks with filters to restrict breathing in finer particles and limiting the duration of outdoor stay.

Long term exposure to pollution can cause short term symptoms such as eye irritation, headaches, and dizziness. Particulate Matter of size less than 10 micrometers (PM 10) pose a higher health risk as they are absorbed into the lungs and sneak into the bloodstream. Whereas Particulate Matter (PM 2.5) is associated with increased risk of mortality from cancer. Air purifiers are ideal for residents living in over polluted areas coupled with closed windows. Elderly and children are more susceptible to health altercations caused by air pollution. The impact is more when you live in an Industrial Area which is quite prone to pollution. The solution is to hire the right HVAC Company in Delhi NCR (Heating, ventilation & Air Conditioning) which helps in Air Conditioning, Improving Air Quality and maintaining Right  Temperature & Humidity.

As a developing country, the rural population of India still resorts to primitive sources of fuel such as biomass, wood, and sawdust. This is the primary cause of indoor pollution, leading to numerous deaths caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Many consider this practice to be an innate part of their culture. Vehicular pollution is another major contributor to air pollution. This is accentuated by an extreme gridlock and unscientific layout of roadways which warrants traffic congestion.

In an attempt to curb vehicular pollution the Haryana government banned auto rickshaws operating for 10 years and above. Although this was a step in a positive direction malpractices such as stubble burning continues, as farmers want to quickly replenish the soil for the next crop. This has drastic implications such as heart attack and respiratory diseases. Even, on the commercial front, it leads to a Sick Building as air quality signals bad health for the employees causing loss of productivity.

Hence, an HVAC Company in India can help in delivering the right air quality and making the temperature comfortable for all occupants.

Even after adopting policies such as the odd-even rule and banning firecrackers in the past the capital continues to be inhospitable to natives. The most polluting cities continue to be concentrated in the northern and central part of India. With over a billion people in the country, it becomes extremely challenging to enforce laws to conserve the environment. But promoting slightly expensive alternatives in the spirt of upgrading the quality of life is not only essential in the interest of self-preservation but also helps in sustaining the future generations.

The situation calls for a collective solution by encouraging eco-friendly practices and refraining from mindless pollution. The message about the consequences of air pollution needs widespread attention of the masses. The future should not be spent walking around in spacesuit like gear to protect oneself from the effects of pollution since prevention is better than cure.

Though we can work towards it but there is an imminent need of HVAC Companies in India which can help in improving air quality by doing the right HVAC Design for a particular space. An HVAC Company in India can bring change by pointing out the sources of pollution and choosing the right filters and machinery to keep the occupants safe. MG Cooling Solutions is a leading HVAC Company in Delhi NCR working in the same direction and have helped the various client so far.

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