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How to choose right HVAC Company for Museums ?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - June 18, 2019

Museums across the globe are places in which objects and artifacts cease to age, a miracle made possible by an HVAC Company for Museums controlling air quality, temperature, and humidity with great precision. Whatever is the displaying content of a museum, it should be protected by outside climatic conditions and this is where an HVAC Company has a role to play.

HVAC Company for Museums
HVAC Company for Museums


Due to the nature of a museum profile, most of them are 15 years or mold old as per a recent survey. The age and the condition of the building envelope must always be taken into consideration when preparing to upgrade HVAC systems as the museum must be sealed to make sure there is no infiltration from the outside conditions.

Hence, controlling indoor air temperature and humidity is the prime objective for any professional HVAC Company for Museums.


Impact of Humidity

Suppose, if a high degree of humidity is introduced into the air, condensation can develop within the building envelope. Hence, If we add too much moisture into space, without a  proper vapor barrier, there will be condensation inside the building which will lead to mold growth inside the walls of the building. Hence, a good HVAC Company for Museum makes sure that the humidity level is not much exceeded.

Too much moisture In the air can be burdensome to a museum’s HVAC system as it works to dehumidify the air to a level deemed appropriate for the preservation of objects. One of the ways to resolve this is by the use of desiccant dehumidification technology

This is also applicable in operating rooms, pharmacies, offices, retail stores, and industrial to control humidity and keep mold growth at bay.

HVAC Company for Museums
HVAC Company for Museums

Air Quality for Museums

HVAC Company for Museums must control Indoor air Quality by adjusting outside air with appropriate filtration solutions. Air quality is largely dependent on the amount of outside air Introduced into the indoor environment.

Also, HVAC Company for museums monitors CO2 levels and only bringing in outside ventilation when occupied. Because there is no point in conditioning the space when there is no or little occupancy. In those cases, spaces can be conditioned for the perseverance of artifacts.

Controlling specific areas depending on occupancy (via HVAC zones) in any facility is an energy-efficient strategy as the HVAC system can be closed for that time. Also, filtration of air from contaminants like  (e.g. NOx and SOx emissions from vehicles) is essential to protect art/artifacts and providing healthy, clean air for occupants and visitors.

MG Cooling Solutions is an HVAC Company in India for Museums and other spaces to deliver cost-efficient and energy efficient projects.



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