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Role & Importance of an HVAC Consultancy Company in India

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - April 10, 2019

Role & Importance of an HVAC Consultancy Company in India

An HVAC Consultancy Company must have a reasonable understanding of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for the facilities like warehouses, offices, laboratories, clean rooms, containment facilities, and manufacturing plants. For example, a manufacturing plant needs different types of HVAC systems depending on product and process requirements. These systems are comprised of multiple equipment components integrated to provide necessary environmental conditions and desired Temperature & RH

HVAC Consultancy Company’s Know-Hows

HVAC systems process both incoming air from the outside world and recirculate air from the inside of the facility they serve to provide required quality temperature & RH attributes. HVAC Consultancy Company must understand risks associated with different facilities and should assure appropriate HVAC design, support system monitoring and maintenance, develop coordination with the engineering technical staff, and initiate appropriate training of HVAC Site Supervisors & Project Engineers as needed

This general role of any HVAC Consultancy Company is to bring air from the randomly variable mixture of vapors and particles found in the atmosphere to a steady state condition as required by the facility.

For example, Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and associated engineering technologies are topics of great importance in contemporary pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing facilities. These companies consist of  multiple components that are integrated into a process to create a sustainable environment for their manufacturing process

Features of a good HVAC Consultancy Company

HVAC Consultancy Company must have reasonable knowledge and understanding of the products, processes, facilities, equipment, utilities, and other systems at their sites as HVAC considerations is vital. Without appropriately designed HVAC systems and ongoing monitoring and maintenance of HVAC systems, acceptable manufacturing result will not be possible. The importance of HVAC in the facility includes areas beyond the scope of the regulated manufacturing site and also includes administrative, food service, employee lounges, and other non-manufacturing areas.

Importance of Hiring a good HVAC Consultancy Company

HVAC and the associated US and global regulatory agencies require more than just compliance with procedures in modern manufacturing organizations. Sound procedures and policies involved in regulated manufacturing must be based on scientific HVAC principles and good engineering practice whenever possible, must be appropriate for risk, must be reliably monitored, and be appropriately maintained.

HVAC principles and practices are not generally well known or understood by a professional HVAC Company. An HVAC Consultancy Company with limited background and experience may find themselves involved in HVAC design questions and approvals of systems for which they have little knowledge and experience. The technical information supporting their areas may be esoteric and incomprehensible for those companies which lack experience in the field.

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