Role of HVAC Consultants for Office Ventilation & Air Conditioning

HVAC Consultants must optimize the office HVAC so that employees feel not too hot or too cold while also providing proper ventilation keeping in mind energy efficiency as well.

HVAC for offices
HVAC for offices

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. Since Heating or Air Conditioning depends on the climate of the location, however, ventilation is required everywhere every time.

Why Ventilation is required in Offices?

There are studies that show that proper ventilation in offices does indeed make a difference in productivity by reducing absenteeism. Back in the old days the ventilation was “controlled” by operable windows that could be opened and closed for comfort control. Now, HVAC Consultants have more sophisticated technologies for control of ventilation air in offices and can measure ventilation air quantity and quality as well.

Air Distribution makes the Difference

One of the roles of HVAC Consultants is to bring in the appropriate calculated outside air and distributing that outside air properly within the office premises such that each person gets the appropriate quantity of air as specified in the global codes and standards. Architects and interior designers must work with HVAC Consultants in the very beginning to integrate the ventilation system components into the space design. HVAC Consultants must choose proper air diffuser to get the ventilation air in the offices evenly and properly distributed at all times of occupancy.

Office authorities, real estate people need to stay focused on the health of the employees as impacted by the ventilation effectiveness of the HVAC system and must evenly spend on HVAC Components, aesthetics and other relevant things.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION It is important to fully integrate the HVAC system layout with the architectural functional layout. HVAC Consultants must design the HVAC projects to restrict air contaminants or exhaust from other areas of the building such as laboratories for science, toilets, lockers or kitchens.

CONCLUSION Ventilation control and ventilation effectiveness are vital for any office HVAC Design. It is essential for employees to have the best opportunity to work in an environment that allows them to function at their best. Hence, it is imperative to work with HVAC Consultants in the very beginning to make sure that there is no overhead of retrofits and proper ventilation is maintained throughout the work area.

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