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Role of an HVAC Design Company for Laboratories

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - June 17, 2019

A right HVAC Design is crucial for any laboratory to be in existence and only the right HVAC Design Company can accomplish this critical task. Laboratories are the places where innovation and invention are done for the betterment of humankind. Hence, they must be well designed to protect the lab staff from fire hazards and other risks through the well-defined HVAC system.

HVAC Design Company India for labs
HVAC Design Company India for labs


Ventilation requirements for laboratories

Usually, minimum air change rates considered for laboratories are at 6 to 10 air changes/hour (ACH), depending on the space function and criticality of the ongoing process. However, it could be more as well.

 HVAC ducts for Laboratories

Supply air distribution within lab spaces and rooms should be designed to avoid air currents that would adversely affect the performance of chemical fume hoods. According to the ASHRAE and other global standards, all laboratory ventilation systems should be designed to ensure that fire hazards and risks are minimized.

Generally, under normal operating conditions, all lab hoods in which chemicals are present should be continuously ventilated. Each laboratory hood must have its own exhaust system to protect lab personnel. The HVAC Company must take care of proper hood exhaust ducting, fan selection, and makeup air delivery.

What is Hazardous Exhaust?

These hazardous exhaust and duct system, i.e. the system responsible for the exhaust of toxic gases, fumes, smokes, etc. should be independent of other types of exhaust systems.  It also should not share common shafts with other duct systems, except where such systems are exhausting similar compatible materials and originate in the same fire compartment. The same goes true for the laboratories handling radioactive materials governed by NFPA 801, Fire Protection for Facilities for Handling Radioactive Materials.

HVAC Duct system for laboratories

Supply air and exhaust air balancing within lab spaces are extremely critical. These air systems must prevent a pressure differential that would impede egress or ingress during an emergency. Air systems must be designed to prevent the recirculation of flammable or combustible or chemical fumes within the lab space. The location of fresh air intakes must be chosen to prevent the entrainment of chemical fumes or vapors from the lab exhaust discharge or from other sources in adjacent buildings.

Also, the HVAC Design Company must take care of providing proper air delivery and pickup that will not interfere with hood operation, keep slides from drying out, and capture potentially harmful fumes to protect lab staff.

MG Cooling Solutions is one HVAC Design Company in India providing clean rooms and HAVC support to laboratories.

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