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How to improve HVAC efficiency by hiring an HVAC Company for coils ?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - May 5, 2019

To increase HVAC efficiency, coil cleaning is a much-needed service for every industrial customer. For an HVAC System, Coils are everywhere from evaporators to condensers, reheat, heat recovery, heating, process, chiller, cooling towers, and refrigeration

HVAC Coil cleaning is crucial
HVAC Coil cleaning is crucial

Coils need to be cleaned regularly as coils get dirty every day due to improper installation, inadequate prefilters, no filters, leaking filter racks and dirty operating environments. Coils need to be cleaned monthly, quarterly or yearly cleaning, depending on the operating environment by the HVAC technicians to increase HVAC efficiency.  Dirty coils can lead to:

■ Replacement of the coil sets

■ Increased run time on HVAC equipment and hence decreasing HVAC Efficiency

■ Inefficient chiller operation by improper HVAC supervision

■ Excess chiller wear and tear thus impacting overall HVAC Efficiency

■ Loss of compressors efficiency and fan motors

■ Rising Energy bills

■ Poor indoor air quality

■ Microbial and bacterial growth (humidity) hinders the water-shedding ability of the coil

■ Improper airflow distribution

■ Non-maintenance of ambient temperature

HVAC consumes typically 50 percent or more of a facility’s monthly bills. You will get a big incentive for proper maintenance through a professional HVAC Company. There is a direct verifiable return on investment for coil cleaning as proved by a study from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and AirConditioning Engineers ( ASHRAE)

Dirty HVAC coils can lead to numerous HVAC system problems as well as make building occupants uncomfortable due to inefficient HVAC System. Clean coils help ensure peak system performance and occupant comfort.

Hazards of not cleaning coils

A hidden enemy and substance known as “biofilm,” grow deep inside the coil sets is a common unnoticed problem. Make sure that your HVAC technicians clean the coil within and just not make it shiny or glossy.

Biofilm is a complex microbial layer growing on coils and drain pipes. It’s composed of different microorganisms adhering to surfaces coming out of various processes running indie the HVAC system. These microorganisms can stick together and acts as an insulator on the coil surface, affecting the temperature and airflow, thus impacting HVAC efficiency. This leads to occupant complaining for the inefficiency of HVAC systems and serious health hazards arising out of various by-products like volatile organic compounds etc.

Solutions to increase HVAC Efficiency for Coils

Prevention: It means proper filtration and fixes leaks, gaps in filters and gaps in filter racks. Prefilters may be needed in some cases depending upon the operational environment and pleated filters could also be considered.

Cleaning: Regular cleaning can help in increasing the efficiency of coils and HVAC System to preserve expensive coil sets. In fact, regular coil cleaning and monitoring can solve most of the issues discussed in this article.

Treatment: There are certain sprays and products which can also inhibit biological growth. A proper HVAC Company with trained HVAC technicians can help in improving HVAC efficiency. Some coils can be cleaned easily, some need coil-cleaning chemicals and a spray wand.

Proper HVAC system maintenance makes HVAC systems energy efficient as well as improve the health of building occupants. Hence, a good HVAC Company like MG Cooling Solutions can take care of minute details and help in saving money for its customers.



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