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How HVAC Systems efficiency can be improved through IoT?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - May 30, 2019

How HVAC systems can be combined with IoT for better efficiency?


Data is critical now and the same is true with HVAC Systems for HVAC efficiency. Questions mentioned below cannot be answered due to non-availability of data.

  •  ‘How does your HVAC equipment – your chiller or boiler plant, as examples – behave on a 60-degree day without humidity?’
  •  ‘How do they behave on an 80-degree day with high humidity?’

However, these questions can be answered with IoT technology. IoT solutions in tune with local weather data provide HVAC Companies answers in terms of their equipment today, as well as last week and last month. By implementing data into daily operations, you can improve efficiency, maintenance and overall preparedness for your building’s HVAC systems.

Savings in Operational Cost

IoT technology helps in improving energy efficiency in HVAC systems as it helps adjust more precisely to current and changing conditions, achieving 5-15% in energy savings for HVAC systems.

This is done by deploying sensors on the electrical infrastructure in the building to measure the real-time equipment-level consumption of the individual components in the HVAC system Hence, whether that’s a pump, an individual fan or a cooling tower, a software is used to deploy sensors to collect equipment-level data and combining it  with local weather data

Based on the amalgamation of data, HVAC Company can adjust HVAC equipment to better account for changes in the weather. In terms of geographical areas, it is definitely beneficial everywhere, but for places that have more seasonality and greater temperature swings, it can be more

Lesser HVAC Maintenance Cost

By analyzing the above practice, an HVAC Company can identify peak performance and underperformance of all HVAC equipments. For example, if tomorrow’s forecast is a 60-degree day with low humidity, an HVAC Company analyses  how the equipment should behave

Also, one more example, if an HVAC system is supposed to be drawing 200 kW of power but is for some reason drawing above or below that, with IoT it becomes easier to pinpoint what is wrong

Heightened efficiency in response to weather changes

Most IoT sensors pull multiple data points such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, cloud coverage, and precipitation.

The data for precipitation can prove particularly valuable to protect your building against flood damage. When local weather data suggests prolonged rain, it can tip you off to possible flooding and give you time to shore up your building’s defenses against it.

For example, using local weather data one can identify the flood potential, which can save important equipment and electrical systems.

Hence, it becomes vital to combine IoT with HVAC Systems to save on operational expenditure, easy retrofits, and increased efficiency. MG Cooling Solutions help in bringing such recent HVAC technologies for its customers.



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