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How an HVAC Audit Company can help in saving HVAC Project Cost?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Energy Audit - June 26, 2019

An HVAC Energy Audit Company is required to reduce operational expenditure, decline in wear and tear on equipment, longer equipment life all culminating in a  better working environment. To achieve this, we need to conduct an HVAC Audit.

Next, to lighting, HVAC is the largest energy user in a building, so improvements in the HVAC system can significantly lower the total energy bill – by up to 40 percent. HVAC Audit tells about equipment performs and how much energy HVAC system consumes. Once consumption pattern is available, an HVAC Audit Company can compare against upgrade options, get ROI estimates, and make informed decisions.

HVAC Energy Audit
HVAC Energy Audit

Benefits of HVAC Audit

Equipment performance can be greatly improved with an audit e.g. easy things like changing filters on time can save electricity and save an air-handler from premature failure.

Also, HVAC Audit can save Energy in terms of:

  • Adding variable speed drives to chillers and other big load HVAC equipment.
  • Approprratelitly doing sizing of the fans
  • Adjusting controls (changing setpoints due to cyclical seasons) or upgrading them.
  • Optimizing ventilation according to the capacity utilization
  • An HVAC Audit can also help in identifying worn motors, leaky valves, inefficient compressors, ineffective heat exchangers, and inefficiencies in the fuel/energy process
  • Identifying HVAC equipment running less than their optimal efficiency

The building environment is constantly changing: seasonal temperatures, building upgrades, office space use, number of occupants, etc. An audit will quickly identify if your system is updated and tracking to all of these changes.

HVAC Energy Audit
HVAC Energy Audit

When to do an HVAC Audit & by whom?

A routine audit should be done at least once every 12 months by a professional HVAC Audit Company.

However, it is recommended to perform an audit whenever you find inefficiencies on a daily or weekly basis e.g. long boiler runtimes, water loss, steam leaks, high stack temperatures, etc. An HVAC Audit Company will look at these areas, triggering alerts to crucial issues, documenting results, and maintaining useful historical records.

Also, the basic changes to be done quarterly to monitor the energy use of key components such as chillers, boilers, air handlers, etc.; ensuring the correct operation of dampers, condition of filters, and ventilation rates; etc. Also, it is advisable to maintain an inventory of information – equipment age and size, make/model, maintenance schedule, dates of any upgrades as a ready input for an HVAC Energy Audit Company.

MG Cooling Solutions is a complete HAVC Solution provider in India contributing to various HVAC related issues including HVAC Audit to save energy cost for its clients.

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