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How should an HVAC Installation Company takes care of life saving dampers?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - May 12, 2019

A good HVAC Installation Company must follow code and standards for all the materials and all equipment.

HVAC Installation Company
 HVAC Installation Company

This article will talk about life-saving dampers which are a part of HVAC Installation.HVAC Dampers are common in every kind of facility, whether it is a  single building or a university, Business house, offices, healthcare complex when it comes to life safety dampers. Hence, good HVAC Installation Company should do the proper installation, operation, and maintenance validated and tested from the beginning to the end of the life safety damper life by HVAC Consultants.


When an HVAC Consultant designs the HVAC system, one of the most critical coordination issues with the HVAC Installation Company is understanding where all the rated walls and assemblies, openings are so that the proper life safety damper products can be incorporated into the HVAC system design


The HVAC Installation Company must not only be sensitive to the maintenance access to life safety dampers but also the assemblies specified for walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, and shafts that will affect the types of life safety dampers required. If dampers do not work well, for any reason, the engineer, architect, contractor, and even the AHJ have liability. Maintainability begins with product design and proper accessibility. In general, fuse links are not required to be replaced when testing, but if the link is damaged or painted, it should be replaced. The links should be replaced with the same size, temperature, and load rating.


Compliance with codes and standards is the minimum requirement for any HVAC Installation Company.


One of the biggest risks beyond the damper not working when required is that the building insurance company could indeed possibly refuse to cover the loss of property or even loss of life in a litigation case if the dampers were not properly installed, tested, and maintained.Each damper should be inspected and tested by an HVAC Installation company.

Operational testing which includes all fire, smoke, combination fire smoke, and ceiling radiation dampers and their installed components (fuse links, limit switches, smoke detectors) must be done. There are three times when the services of an HVAC Installation Company are required.

  • The first test is to be done after installation to verify that the damper is installed correctly and there are no obstructions keeping the damper from opening and closing as required prior to the building occupancy.
  • The second test and inspection of each damper is one year after installation to verify that the damper has no interference due to rust, bent, misaligned, or damaged parts during the construction phase of the building or debris that may have somehow lodged in the damper that would prevent proper operation.
  • After that, maintenance people must be trained to check them periodically.

RECORDS  A good HVAC Installation Company must provide its client

  • the damper location
  • the type of damper (fire, smoke, combination fire/smoke, and ceiling radiation damper, etc.)
  • Date of inspection
  • Name of the company doing the inspection and testing
  • Person or persons that are inspecting and testing
  • Description of the damper condition
  • Description of each deficiency or discovery of the improper condition

Life safety dampers indeed are one of the most important products in an HVAC system. Proper installation, operation, and maintenance must be a priority of the HVAC Installation Company and others like an architect, engineer, contractors, and especially the owner. MG Cooling Solutions is one such HVAC Company which takes care of all HVAC Installation codes and practices.

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