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How to reduce HVAC Noise through right HVAC Design ?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - June 20, 2019

HVAC Noise can arise due to bad ductwork or wrongly placing HVAC equipment inside or outside the building. This article talks about minimizing HVAC Noise strategically in the context of hospitals or medical facilities.

HVAC Noise reduction

The noise-free environment is required in every office, medical facility and hospitals. As patients do not like to get disturbed with the irritation noise and about medical staff who need an environment conducive to delivering quality health care. Also, sometimes noises could lead to a deficiency in medical services. For example, if nurses and other medical staff can’t hear a doctor’s orders, if they can’t clearly understand their patients, or if they are distracted, they are more likely to make errors. Hence, it becomes vital to check the source of noise and one of the sources could be poorly designed, wrongly located and malfunctioning HVAC equipment.

Air handling units designed with sound attenuators reduce equipment noise in the ductwork.

Let’s talk about some of the reasons for the HVAC system making noise

HVAC Ductwork It looks easier if the ductwork could be a straight line from one end of the building to another. But, in reality, there are many elbows, walls, and dampers for the duct to run. One of the biggest noisemakers in ductwork is a damper as it is designed too close to the duct shaft causing an obstacle to airflow. HVAC Designers prefers to maximize space between the shaft and damper to gain the most amount of square feet of space possible. This, however, can cause an abrupt change in airflow that causes noise. In ductwork, the air that “crashes” into a duct makes a loud hissing sound when there’s an abrupt change in speed and direction. However, this can be fixed by HVAC Designers by allowing additional space between the shaft and the damper to install a bell mouth which eases the airflow through the damper.

HVAC Mechanical systems. There’s no doubt that the biggest HVAC noisemakers are mechanical systems. Even the systems that operate with the greatest efficiency causes noise. Thus, the placement of HVAC Mechanical System & Equipment can have a big impact on noise levels. They must be strategically placed and never located adjacent to or above patient rooms without thick walls and lots of insulation buffers. Thus, the best location for compressors, air handlers, vacuum pumps is to keep them  away from critical patient care or nurses’ stations or on the top of the facility

HVAC Designers can observe below-mentioned noises to know for the fault in HVAC Mechanical Systems.

  • Thumping. This may be from pneumatic tubes or the compressor.
  • Hissing. This probably indicates a problem in the ductwork or air distribution system.
  • Rumbling. Fans and air handling systems can cause rumbling noises.
  • Humming. This could be a transformer or even lighting.

Hence, a right or precise HVAC Design can contribute to reducing HVAC noise and MG Cooling Solutions is an HVAC Company doing right HVAC Design for its customers.


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