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How HVAC System can help startup to increase their productivity?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - March 6, 2019

How HVAC can help start-ups in India?

Centralized Air Conditioning Services Design,Consultancy & Execution
Centralized Air Conditioning Services
Design,Consultancy & Execution

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) is the system which is required by startups to fulfil below mentioned task:

  • To improve air quality
  • To regulate temperature
  • To regulate RH

HVAC System is required by each king of start up as a part of their process. For example, a biotech, pharma, research lab start-ups need clean room to make sure that air is clean and devoid of any bacteria, mould or fungi.

Similarly, any kind of start-up which has manufacturing facility, needs HVAC system to make sure their process runs smoothly. This becomes more critical when RH comes into play as most of the manufacturing plants need a specific RH to operate their processes. Hence, an HVAC system helps them to provide conditions like desired temperature & RH to run their process continuously.

For start-ups leading in logistics support, an HVAC system makes sure there is no damage to inventory of their warehouses and fulfilment centres.

For start-ups with lots of retail chains in their business model, an HVAC system makes sure that it gives comfort air conditioning to everyone i.e. customers, employees for people to perform well without worrying on their health parameters.

For tech based start up, Precision Air Conditioning helps in maintaining air conditioning out of heat emanating from server rooms and data centres.

In addition to all the above, an HVAC system makes sure that the environment is safe for all their employees and there is comfort air conditioning in the surroundings. An HVAC system helps in keeping the air quality in check, avoiding higher CO2 level, maintaining comfort temperature, ventilation to expel out fumes and other harmful gases.

Today, we are living in a golden area where government has eased so many policies which is helping many young minds to become entrepreneurs.

Since last 4-5 years in India, institutions like Start up India, DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy & promotion), Niti Aayog have done a lot to create start up ecosystem in India. This has given birth to so many statups now who have created lots of job, employment, and have contributed in the economy and GDP of India, which is on a rising spree contributed by robust consumption power of rising Middle Class & other Income Sectors.

So, it becomes necessary for start-up to invest their funding amount which can help then increasing their productivity. Hence, an efficient HVAC System can help a start-up in saving money and increasing productivity in the most efficient manner.

MG Cooling Solutions, a turnkey HVAC Company provide consultancy, installation and execution services and maximises ROI for all start-ups. MG Cooling Solutions also provide first consultancy free only for start ups.

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