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How HVAC Systems can help in Improving Air Quality inside any building?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Air Conditioning - July 23, 2019

Bad air quality has an unforeseen impact on employees health and HVAC Systems are responsible for any building to improve air quality.

HVAC Company in India
HVAC Company in India


POOR INDOOR air quality in the working environment is a cause for major concern. The presence of bacteria, germs, viruses, pollens, mold, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other indoor pollutants has serious consequences for our general health and capacity to perform at our optimum level. It is observed that two out three issues of indoor air quality involve the HVAC system. Furthermore, within the climate control industry, it is established that HVAC systems that are not properly, installed, serviced and maintained can actually become hazardous sources of pollutants. As HVAC System filters become saturated, microbial growth and odor concerns occur. Stagnant water contained in the drain pans or moisture inside air ducts and cooling coils can act as a petri dish for microbial growth resulting in poor indoor air quality and thus sickness and absenteeism amongst workers.

Impact of Badly designed HVAC Systems

A company’s employees are its greatest asset and consequently, are typically its largest expense. In fact, people costs are nine times higher than the building and energy costs for organizations. Hence, there is an utmost requirement to make sure that HVAC systems are rightly designed and installed by the right HVAC Company in India. There is an imminent need to make sure that HVAC Systems are periodically checked and inspected for HVAC Efficiency and right air quality. However, these inspections are designed to monitor energy and efficiency levels and rarely measure indoor air quality. Consequently, the air workers share in areas of high occupancy continues to negatively affect their health and productivity.

Despite the inherent danger to employees’ health and welfare, there is still no legally binding requirement in India for facilities managers to improve the air quality of a building or areas of high foot traffic and occupancy. Regardless of this legislative oversight, the provision of a comfortable working environment should be one of the most significant concerns for installers, specifiers and facilities managers. Those employed in the building services sector should not overlook the search for viable solutions to poor indoor air quality, especially as products now exist which complement existing HVAC and ventilation systems.

Hence, the role of an HVAC Company in India is vital to perform. MG Cooling Solutions, HVAC Consultants in India, are ensuring a healthier environment for building occupants as well as positively impacting on organizations bottom line.

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