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HVAC Technologies & Innovations to be adopted by HVAC Companies for energy efficient HVAC Projects

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - April 17, 2019

Upcoming HVAC Technologies & Innovations adopted by HVAC Companies for energy efficient HVAC Projects

A good HVAC Company must keep itself updated with recent HVAC Technologies & Innovations to deliver successful cost efficient and energy efficient HVAC Projects.

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Despite rising energy costs and expanding carbon footprints, “cutting-edge” heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) technologies face an uphill battle for adoption by the current HVAC industry, according to a Research.  A survey is done in the field of incumbent and emerging HVAC technologies in terms of geographical, regulatory, and economic factors influencing adoption in the current scenario and assesses which systems and components are best positioned for future growth.

Why we need new technologies in HVAC Systems?

Building HVAC systems consume 13 percent of all primary energy generated around the globe, hence HVAC Consultants across the globe are looking out for new, more energy-efficient HVAC equipment.

This includes advanced heat pumps, absorption chillers, evaporative chillers, and condensing boilers. In addition, there’s a demand for component technologies that improve the operational cost or performance of existing HVAC equipment. This includes variable speed compressors, electronic expansion valves, advanced humidity removal, heat recycling, variable frequency drives, and thermal energy storage.

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New Technologies and research in HVAC Industry

While some HVAC Companies will choose to install whole new, cutting-edge HVAC systems, but others will favor lower-cost incremental component solutions that improve the efficiency of their existing systems

Component technologies demonstrate the quickest return on investment, smoothing their path to adoption. We further evaluate HVAC systems and components separately and scores technologies on their technical value and maturity. Hence, plotting each technology’s relative potential on a matrix comprising four quadrants: Current Winners, Future Winners, Long-Shot, and Faded Incumbents.

Key Findings of the research:  Current Winners

-Advanced HVAC systems are seeing incremental adoption. Yesterday’s steam-heated boilers and standard furnaces are slowly giving way to more efficient gas-fired furnaces and condensing boilers, as well as new technologies like radiant heating and advanced heat-pumps.

Heat pumps show particular potential when coupled with water heaters, as this approach – combines the efficiency of electrically driven pumps with advanced absorption cycles.

Opportunities abound for advanced HVAC components to show their value. Simplicity can shorten the path to adoption, as illustrated by component-level solutions such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) and expansion valves. Rated a Current Winner, low-cost VFDs enable compressors to pump only what is needed for specific applications, significantly improving the efficiency of chillers; most see payback periods of 2.5 years or less.

Key Findings of the research:  Future Winners

Expansion valves, meanwhile, rank among the Future Winners, thanks to their ability to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning systems and boilers and their very attractive payback periods.  -The value of integrated HVAC technologies can exceed the sum of their parts. Many of the report’s highest ranked HVAC technologies can deliver even better returns when combined. Using expansion valves with membrane-based air-quality and humidity-control technologies, for example, can reduce HVAC energy consumption by 40 percent without a significant capital cost. Developers that can pool the value of their HVAC technologies through integration will also see their commercial opportunities multiply.

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