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Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - December 3, 2019

According to a recent analysis, India is contributing more than 15 percent of global anthropogenic emission, i.e emission caused by Industrialization, by emitting various harmful gases and one such gas is Sulphur Dioxide. The largest amount of sulphur dioxide (SO2) emission hotspots across the world are in India.
The analysis is based on hotspots detected by NASA Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) satellite data that captured more than 500 sources points of SO2 emissions across the globe including natural sources such as volcanoes.
However, the analysis excluded all-natural sources and only human-caused sources of SO2 were investigated. When exposed to particulate matter PM2.5(fine particulate matter it forms sulfates particles that affect human health.
The study found the thermal power plants or clusters at Singrauli , Neyveli, Talcher, Jharsuguda, Korba, Kutch, Chennai, Ramagundam, Chandrapur, and Koradi to be the major emission hotspots in the country. The vast majority of plants in India lack flue gas desulfurization (FGD) technology to reduce air pollution, according to the report.
The Union Ministry of Environment, forest, and climate change had for the first time, introduced SO2 emissions limits for coal-fired power plants in December 2015. Through, The apex court of India Supreme Court has extended the deadline to incorporate FGD Technology in the power plant.
When it comes to individuals hotspots, Norilsk smelter site in Russia continues to be the largest anthropogenic SO2 emission hotspots in the world, followed by the Kriel area in Mpumalanga province of South Africa, Zagroz in Iran, and Rabigh in Saudi Arabia. Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh is at number five.
In fact, rising emissions have also made India overtake China whose success in reducing emissions has also made Russia the number two emitter. China reduces its SO2 emission through stringent technology like FGD.
Hence, it becomes vital for Thermal Power Plants to incorporate HVAC Solutions so that the environment remains safe for workers as well as an outside emission process so that only pure and filtered air gets emitted out without causing air pollution.
MG Cooling Solutions is one such HVAC Company in India which is striving towards the green environment by serving their clients with utmost pure air quality. Though these HVAC Companies in India, we can have power plants causing less pollution as improving air quality has become a global issue now as a part of rapid industrialization.

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