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Mechanism of the Centralized Air Conditioning

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - October 6, 2020

Centralized Air Conditioning is a cooling system, where various air cooling vents are placed throughout the indoor space. These vents will be connected to an outdoor unit placed outside the house/ facility and consist of a condensing coil, compressor, condenser fan motor and evaporator coils. This is mounted on top of a furnace with a blower fan motor.

Mechanism of the Centralized Air Conditioning

Step 1: The evaporator – The cooling coils present in the evaporator removes the heat and humidity in the air using the refrigerant.

Step 2: Blower Fan Motor – Circulates the air over the evaporator, dispersing the chilled air.

Step 3: Condenser – These condensing hot coils release the collected heat and dispel it outside. A fan blows air over the condenser to dissipate the air outside.

Step 4: Compressor – A pump continuously moves the refrigerant between the evaporator and the condenser and chills the indoor air.

Step 5: Filter – This is located in the air conditioning unit to remove any harmful or dust particles from the air that is being chilled and circulated.

Step 6: Thermostat – Helps regulate the amount of the cool air distributed and ensures the maintenance of the right temperature.

Importance of Centralised Air Conditioning

● These centralised air conditioning ensure that chilled air is evenly distributed throughout a facility, office or house and improves the air quality.

● Helps create a comfortable and cool environment even for a larger facility with a larger audience.

● Not just that, it also helps provide a clean and healthy environment for people who deal with allergies, respiratory conditions, heat, dust and humidity.

● With regular maintenance, the centralised air conditioning is far more convenient, easier and energy-efficient.

● Improves the complete air quality throughout the rooms/ space by removing even the smallest of smallest dust particles, allergens, lint etc

● An efficient air conditioning unit would also be removing most of the odour and fumes away with the right filtration from you thereby creating a pleasant work atmosphere.

● As compared to working in hot and humid conditions which physically stresses your body the centralized air conditioning unit helps you cool and maintains your body temperature for better work efficiency.

● Greatly enhances your living conditions by providing an ambient atmosphere.

● Helps fight off infections and thereby boosts your immunity. And thus whether it be a hospital, hotel, industry, office, institute or home MG cooling solutions offer the best suited customised Centralised Air Conditioning Units. Choose MGCS!

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