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Precision AC & Humidity Control for HVAC Projects.

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Air Conditioning - July 4, 2019

We all know human comfort is dependent on two factors -Temperature & Humidity and Precision Ac are the machines which can control both simultaneously.

Precision AC
Precision AC

Normal Air Conditioners  versus Precision AC

Generally, the role to control humidity is carried out by an air conditioner to some extent. To make this control more precise, HVAC Consultants use dehumidifiers or Precision AC. Precision AC’s Can also save energy if the indoor moisture is less while outdoor temperatures are high, occupants will feel cooler and turn their air conditioners down.

The warmer summer air is able to hold more moisture, which is indicated by dew point. High summer temperatures combined with a higher dew point reduces the atmosphere’s ability to evaporate perspiration from the skin, which is necessary for cooling the body, correlating to a higher level of heat discomfort.

A normal air conditioning system removes moisture while reducing the temperature and stops when the desired temperature is met. However, humidity remains high in the cooled space causing discomfort to the occupants. If one were to run the air conditioning unit until desired humidity levels were reached, it would probably feel like they were living in a very cold place like an igloo.

Here, comes the role of a dehumidifier or Precision Air Conditioners, which is a part of an HVAC system and required wherever humidity control is required.

This humidity control could be done for human comfort as well as for critical machines which operate only in a humidity controlled environment.


For ideal health and comfort, the indoor relative humidity range should be somewhere between 40-60 percent. Outside that range (above or below), conditions can be adversely affected.

Precision Air Conditioners
Precision Air Conditioners


In case of excessive humidity, clothes and bedding might feel moist and sticky; accelerated mold growth could lead to allergies, and the pest population may increase due to excess moisture that attracts moisture-loving spiders, ants, and other pests.

This becomes even more critical for electronic machinery and equipment as in the absence of Precision AC’s, the moisture in the air will condense which will lead to malfunctioning or complete failure as the water droplets will interfere the machinery circuit. This will also lead to corrosion in the metal-based industries.

Hence, a Precision AC which works as a dehumidifier is required in every kind of industry which need moisture or RH control in addition to temperature for proper workflow.

How to choose Precision AC?

MG Cooling Solutions is a leading company in India which helps those industries by suggesting them the right Precision AC for their process.

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