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What are Precision Air Conditioners and how Precision AC helps in industries?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Air Conditioning - July 3, 2019

Precision AC or Precision Air Conditioners are a kind of air conditioners which can help in maintaining temperature & Humidity for critical applications. Computers, Industrial Controllers, Severs, and other sensitive electronic equipment require high-performance precision air conditioning system to maintain Temperature & RH in premises or a facility.

Precision Air Conditioners
Precision Air Conditioners

Let’s look at the consequences if Humidity Level become high or low?

Excessive humidity or moisture in the air can corrode switching circuits which can lead to malfunctioning of the associated equipment and their failure. Too less humidity can cause static electricity which can again interfere with the operation of the equipment. Hence, usually standard which is taken calls for 45-50 % of RH with a maximum swing of +/- 3 % per hour.

Some important points on Precision Air Conditioning:

  • We need to prioritize the area which are critical in terms of operation and what are the tolerance and desirable characteristics of the equipment and machinery.
  • A precision air conditioning system should be specifically designed for a particular application.
  • While selecting an installation site for Precision Air Conditioner, please check the proximity of the critical space to related operations such as security and internal/external zones. This Is done to ensure that the site remains unaffected by outside temperatures or humidity.
  • The room or site should be well insulated and sealed with a vapor barrier.
  • The ceiling, wall, and floors must be protected by using a rubber or plastic based paint to avoid vapor migration and doors must not have an undercut or grilles.
  • There should be a minimum provision of outside air since it can add heating, cooling or humidifying load. Generally, outside air should be kept below 5 % of total air circulated in the room or site.
  • An accessible raised floor is required for installing a downflow environmental control system and additional pedestal to be provided for manual operative activities of the workers.
  • All refrigerant piping should be isolated from the surrounding environment by using vibration isolating supports.

All of the above must be taken while selecting and installing a precision Air Conditioning system. A good HVAC Company in India can do this job much better and MG Cooling Solutions, an HVAC Company in India deals in Precision Air Conditioners with utmost precision.

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