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Precision Air Conditioning for Server Rooms & Data Centers

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - September 6, 2020

In the past few years, the world of data centers and server rooms have changed dynamically. Organizations and business enterprises are realizing the increasing cruciality of Data centers and are investing more on them to help achieve scale cost, data security and service efficiencies. Hence, it has become very important to ensure that each component of support infrastructure performs efficiently and reliably.

What are Data centers and why do they require efficient cooling system?

Data centers are entire buildings dedicated to support, storage, and housing of a huge collection of server hardware and network equipment. A server room is a place specifically designed to consist on-premises servers and equipment. Usually, organisations outsource IT to professional data centers to reduce their operational costs, security breaches and equipment failures.

Data centers and server rooms consist of routers, switches, storage systems, firewalls, servers, and application-delivery controllers. These sensitive electronics produce concentrated heat load and are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Any swing in temperature and humidity in data centers and technology rooms may result into technical hazards ranging from processed “gibberish” to entire system shutdown. To overcome such challenges, data centers install Precision Air Conditioning System (PAC) that maintains desired temperature and humidity range for efficient performance of IT equipment and hardware.

Advantages of Precision air conditioning systems:

  1. Maintains the required sensible heat ratio (SHR): A heat load has two constituents: sensible heat and latent heat. The heat load generated in a data center or other technology room mainly comprises of sensible heat emanated by IT equipment, support system, light and motors. The sensible heat is the increase and decrease in air-dry bulb temperature. The sensible heat ratio (SHR) required to fulfil such heat load profile is quite high i.e. 0.95-0.99. Precision air conditioning system is equipped to match this very high sensible heat ratio.
  2. Maintains precise temperature and humidity: Precision air conditioners consist of microprocessor-based controls that is quickly responsive to climatic conditions.  They also contain humidifier and dehumidifier, enabling them to maintain the required temperature and humidity control.
  3. Air distribution: Precision air conditioning function at a very high CFM level i.e. 600-1000 CFM/ton. This level of CFM helps prevent formation of localized hotspots and facilitates air distribution. It is equipped with high efficiency filter banks that reduces the airborne particles.
  4. All year-round service: Precision air systems are designed to operate 24x7x365 a year. To ensure 100% uptime, they are designed with selected components and incorporated redundancy.

      Technology of Precision air conditioning system in Data centers

Precision air conditioning

As we can see in the above picture, the cold air is entering the server room through perforated tiles. This cold air passes through the server racks through the vents on the false ceiling. The cold air then absorbs heat emanated by server racks and is drawn by PAC through air inlet chamber to regulate its temperature and humidity. This air is then sent back to the server room through cold air outlet chamber, and the process repeats.

What is hot aisle/cold aisle containment system approach?

Data centers and server cooling systems adopt cold aisle/hot aisle containment system approach. The cold aisle containment system contains cold aisle, permitting the remaining section of data center to become a large hot-air return plenum. The hot aisle containment system contains the hot aisle to draw hot air emanated by IT equipment and hardware. This permits the rest of the data center to become a large cold-air return plenum. Both the containment systems help minimize the mixing of cold and hot air.

Future of Precision Air conditioning System

The future of precision air conditioning system will face issues particularly of chemical refrigerants. Another significant topic that deserves attention in future is customised solution. Though there are minimal differences between data centers and server rooms around the globe, yet the requirements of data center cooling system is becoming more and more individualized and the trend is deviating from standardized solution.

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